September 28, 2021

Fuss-Free Hairstyles with Nadula

Undoubtedly, many of us have forgone the thought of being always made up during this pandemic. I applaud those who still take time to make an effort to fix their hair or put on some makeup even if they are just at home or for whenever they go out. Honestly, I’m one of those who have put less and less of an effort to look good during this pandemic. I have stopped dyeing my hair, which I used to do on a quarterly basis. I have not bought any makeup products since the pandemic started and have gone out  a couple of times with friends with bare face – which if you know me, I never step out of the house not made up.

But wouldn’t it be very nice to wake up with an already styled look, like waking up every morning with beautiful bed hair waves. But no, that’s not always the case when you get a perm. I have had friends who went to the salon to get digital perms, yet they weren’t able to achieve those waves and they end up with old fashioned and super curly hair. They also revealed to me that having permed hair is not wash-and-wear at all.

I have always wished that looking nice and presentable could be fuss-free. Looking good is always an effort for the majority of us as we are not all born looking like a goddess just like some models or celebrities. But nowadays there is no excuse for not looking your best, there are so many, I mean so many, products that can help you achieve a well-put look and sometimes all you have to do is lift a finger and click. If you say no that’s not true, well I guess, it’s just you are being lazy to make an attempt.

Say for example with your hairstyle, if you want to have just a simple look, wearing a headband already shows you tried. Want to up that headband hairstyle a notch? There’s a half wigs hairstyles  available online that has long and wavy locks attached to it.

Or if you want that those beach waves even if you haven’t travelled recently, you can opt for those kinky straight hair bundles. You don’t have to get a perm as they will be permanent for months, they don’t magically wash out after a few shampoos. It is no secret that it as with all chemical services, the perm will damage your hair. And if you have hair that has been highlights, regularly colored, and other chemical hair processing, perming is not you.

As for myself, I really love those soft waves in my hair when my hair was super long, what I do is that I utilize inexpensive tools like foam rollers and flex rods or use socks, foils (yes the one you use for cooking), paper, bobby pins etc. Or sometimes, I put my hair in a bun for hours and then just remove the band and tousle my hair for a bit.

There are a lot of websites and YouTube videos that you can check out that you that do tutorials on how to use these tools to make pretty curls. They are pretty easy to follow and to do. You can put them on your hair and sleep with them on every night and take them out the next day. But if you want something that’s hassle free that you can just put in and take out in minutes, especially if you don’t have that much length with your hair like I do, you can check Nadula Body wave full lace wig, as they have lots of those wavy variation. Not to mention they are made of real human hair unlike synthetic ones that looks so unnatural. 

Unlike popular opinions, looking good employs effort but it doesn’t have to be too much of a hassle. Just know where you can get the tools you need, it also does not have to be pocket-burning too! 

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