September 11, 2021

Airbnb Guide on Impressing Your Guests and Adding the Wow Factor

Are you getting ready to list your property on Airbnb? Do you want the reviews and ambience to set your property apart from the competition? If so, you'll need as many positive reviews as possible. In order to get them, you must make sure your guests are impressed from the moment they step over the threshold of your apartment. From having pleasant aromas filling the apartment to offering plenty of welcome refreshments, you can add the wow factors everywhere.

Wow them with details
What's the first thing modern-day travellers will look for upon entering an Airbnb apartment? A wi-fi password, that's right. The last thing they want is to rummage through half of the property and much less call you to ask for the password. That's why you should make it as noticeable as possible by introducing a chalkboard in the shape of a house, for example. Write the network name and password on it, alongside a welcome note. If you personalize it with the guest’s name, they’ll feel truly important and know you pay a lot of attention to making your guests feel welcome upon arriving in Hong Kong.

Set the mood with light
If your property features large windows and a terrace door, allowing for the light to shine inside the apartment, make the most of it. Add bright furniture to make the space look clean and airy. With long white curtains, the entire room will get a new elegant and fresh vibe. If you expect the guests to arrive at your Hong Kong apartment during the evening, set the mood with LED candles. If you plan on welcoming them yourself, you can even light up actual candles and not worry about leaving them unattended before the guests arrive.

Offer comfortable ambience with fancy rugs
Do you think about rugs and carpets when somebody mentions the word cozy? If not, you should from now on because one of the best ways to make your guests feel warm and cozy is to lay rugs all in every room. You can find an array of high-quality rugs in Hong Kong and make your property look and feel warm, cozy, and idyllic even. Without rugs, the room will often look bare, sterile and not homey enough. Therefore, wow your guests by making them feel at home with some of the top-quality rugs.

Make it memorable with scents
The smell is one of the most influential senses, having the power to bring us back to that time when we came across certain aromas. So, why not make your guests remember you every time they smell cinnamon, for instance. Or a lavender, raspberry, apple cinnamon or vanilla bourbon aroma. Whether you decide to warm up a few cinnamon sticks and leave them in a bowl, or you place an air fresher in the living room, by allowing the pleasant aromas to spread throughout the apartment you'll help your guests create memories for a lifetime. That's one of the guarantees they'll recommend your property to their friends in the future. Not to mention leave 5-star reviews.

Provide welcome snacks and beverages
Having a basket of fresh snacks, pastry and fruit on the dining room table will be a nice welcoming touch. It doesn't matter how long the guests have travelled because they will always be in the mood for some sweet or savoury treats to keep them going until they're ready to prepare food or go out and eat. Add a few bottles of water and juice or soda to the fridge too.

Prepare a map of the local area
Your guests will always be more likely to go places you recommend than trust a bunch of other reviews online. That's why you could wow them by offering them a map of your city and a list of landmarks they shouldn't miss. On top of that, recommend the best restaurants in your local area, let them know where they can drink the best coffee, or where the best bars are. Score some major points by offering transport cards that guests can top up. Saving them the hassle of looking up the cards on their own will be a true wower.

Becoming a model host doesn't take a lot. All you need to do is think about the stuff that would leave you breathless and try to up the ante even higher. Use our several tips as a starting point, and we're sure you'll be one of the highest-rated hosts on Airbnb very soon.

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