October 30, 2014

Tex-Mex Cuisine at El Chupacabra

I just noticed I havent got the chance to blog about anything else except clothes and online shopping for the past weeks so I went through the photos that I am supposed to blog about, that are stored in my desktop PC. And then I saw a folder of a restaurant  I visited a few months back in Makati which was El Chupacabra.

We went on a Sunday right after church and found ourselves slightly lost around Makati City's red light district where El Chupacabra is. It's location is not really something to fear about because it's in the red light district because it is also very near and is just a stone throw away from Bel-Air Village which is a very high end gated community in Makati.

I will be very honest with this review so please don't think I am uptight and such a conceited and conservative person just because the restaurant is situated in the red light district. I have visited restaurants in equally notorious places and have even gone to alleys in and around Divisoria that I bet many of you will never even try to go. But just a heads up we didnt had a good experience in this place yet were eager to try their food anyway. So after finishing our early lunch and paid our bill we took off right away.

When we arrived at El Chupacabra there p weren't too many people since it was a Sunday morning, people must have just gotten home from drinking and partying  the night before. There was no parking space in front of the restaurant so we had to find one at the end of the street. Upon getting off the car somebody approached us and asked him to pay for the parking. We got pissed off since it's a neighborhood where one is allowed to park on the side of the street, and he thought that it was a space designated for the establishment.

Upon entering the place, a foreigner sitting on one of the tables outside commented on my hair color telling me asking me why I dyed my hair and that why am I trying to change my hair from it's original Asian colored hair which is black to something lighter that I would look like a Caucasian. I knew first off he was drunk because he has 3 bottles of beer on the table, so I smiled and went inside to sit. I just ignored him but in my mi mind, my answer was: "The h*ll do you care whatever I do to my hair? I did not dyed my hair lighter because I wanted to look Caucasian I dyed my hair because I think I look better and styled. Besides, who gave you the right to question what I do? If I turn the table around ask you, why are you even in this area of town anyway? Does your wife know where you are?" I just didnt bother, who in the sound mind would retaliate to someone drinking a couple of beers at 10:00 am?" We were already seated inside but the guy kept blabbering outside. The waiters kept apologizing for him but we told them not to worry.

While waiting for our order, I decide to take photos of the place because I had the intention of blogging about it. When I sat down the another foreign guy sitting next to our table came up to us and told me to delete the photos I took. I told him that I didn't took photos of him. I got pissed off and grabbed my phone and showed the guy the photos I took proving I didn't take photos of him. But the guy insisted and said I might post it somewhere and his wife might see it. At that point all my blood seemed to went up to my head and raised my voice while saying: " I didst take photos of you! I took photos of the restaurant's interiors! Why would I take photos of you? Who are you anyway? You don't look like some well known person anyway! This is my phone and I will keep and delete photos here if I want to!" He just went back to his seat without saying anything. I am usually a patient person but 3 bad incidents in less than one hour in that place really got into my nerves! Good thing both those foreign men left the restaurant when the waiter was about to serve our food. The waiters kept apologizing to us even if its not their fault, which was comforting in some way.

So enough of those bad experiences. Let's get down with El Chupacabra's food. These are what we ordered: 

As with other Mexican restos that we have tried, El Chupacabra's offerings were good but not exceptional (atleast for those that we have ordered) and the size of serving was ok. The prices are steep though, which is the usual case for Mexican food joints here in Manila.

El Chupacabra has nice interiors with one of the walls had graffiti on it with messages from their former guests. Nothing fancy but can easily be distinguished as a rustic Tex-Mex resto.

El Chupacabra, in my opinion, is more of a drinking venue than a restaurant. I can only imagine how full-packed and rowdy this place can get on a Friday or Saturday night. If you ask me, if I'll be going back, I probably wouldn't. I am a person who would rather eat someplace where I can relax and enjoy instead of getting pissed off by misbehaving foreigners.

p.s. I just want to say that whenever you visit a foreign country, please act properly, you don't want other foreign citizens misbehaving in your country too right? Learn to respect their culture so you they will respect yours too. Respect begets respect, such a cliche' but it's true... #justSaying

5782 Felipe St., Bgy. Poblacion
Makati City, Philippines

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  1. the food looks yummy! Makes me want to go there na, hehe :D
    Me and hubster will go there soon to taste those yummy foods!


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