December 30, 2017

5 Fashion Resolutions You Should Make in 2018

End of 2018 is approaching and fast, it is time to get those resolutions on paper or smart phone, depending on the preferences. They can be as small as switching up your diet or as big as uprooting your life and moving to another country. It is all up to you. Today we are talking about resolutions that are not that big but definitely have the power to change your life for the better. Let’s see what fashion resolutions should you be including on your list for 2018.

Let the color in
Make it your mission to improve on the color choices in your wardrobe. Add some bold colors and daring prints. In case you are not yet ready to go full on color, try combining the exuberant pieces with a more tame tones. You can start with a little splashes of color here and there, a bright neon bag, some striking shades or even a pair of white or pastel pants. And then slowly move on to more daring combinations. Make 2018 the most colorful year yet. 

Expand your summer wardrobe 
Don't wait until the last second to start buying outfits for your vacation. Make it a must to get a summer inspired piece of clothing any time you run into one. You can start by browsing for quality designer kaftans online, admiring the bold patterns and colors, and just pick a few pieces for the upcoming summer. You will feel as though it is just around the corner, which makes it that much better. You can also match the outfits of your choice with the right pair of shades and a striking wide brimmed hat. The sky is the limit or your wallet, as is the case with most of us.

Own the new fashion trends
Don’t just follow them. A lot of women just go out and buy everything that they see or read is currently in fashion, regardless of the way it suits them, or the proper rules for creating an outfit. Make it a 2018 resolution never to do this again. A real fashionista chooses a few strong items from every collection and knows how to make them work with the outfits they already own. It is important that you stay true to your style and just use the fashion trend to elevate some of the looks from time to time.

Make sure you make at least one big investment 
Yup, you read correctly, choose at least one big item from your wardrobe that could do with a replacement. And then consciously invest a bit more to get the ideal new one. It could be a great leather jacket that will tie at least ten of your existing outfits perfectly. Or you can get the purse of your dreams, and feel amazing every time you match it with your daily outfits. There are some fashion items such as these that are definitely worth investing in. They will last you years, go great with a bunch of combinations, and make you feel amazing each time you put them on. So go for it, and at least once a year spare no expense to get that one item you have been eyeing the entire previous year.

Elevate your daily look
Just because you are popping out to the store doesn't mean you should look like something the cat dragged in. Make it a 2018 resolution to give your daily outfits a onceover. Star by getting rid of anything that is stained, accidentally ripped or just plain old. You can downgrade a few pieces that you have been using for special occasions, or just buy a few new ones. You don't have to invest a lot of money to get some great everyday looks. By applying this resolution you can be sure you’ll feel great if you run into your ex on the way to the gym. It's the little things in life that matter the most.

So there you have it, the 2018 fashion resolutions that are easy to adhere to, so that you won't have to make them all over again for 2019. 

Guest Post by: Peter Minkoff

Peter is a fashion stylist and a writer located in Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design,  he worked from many local fashion companies as a trend forecaster. Beside fashion, he loves traveling and roaming through vintage stores. He’s future plans are in creating his own styling business.

Thanks a lot for this article Peter!

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