February 19, 2022

Spring and Summer Intimate Weddings in the New Normal

I have always loved weddings! It’s a celebration of love, family, friends, and togetherness in one space! The emotional and fun things that happen at a wedding are truly memorable for every attendee. I myself have been witnessed to a couple of weddings, as a guest, as a bridesmaid, as a maid of honor, and also as a wedding coordinator (yes, I did some part-time as part of an events coordinator team). And I can say that it’s one of those events that I truly enjoy becoming a part of. 


Nowadays weddings have become intimate due to the current global health situation. The good thing though is that weddings have become less costly due to the limited number of guests but what I love is that couples who are getting married are still finding ways to make their wedding special and unique even if they have to hold a small wedding. 

They can redirect some of the budgets to the aspects of the wedding that they deem important; like for great catering, photography and video services (because you know, the digital photos and videos can last a lifetime). 

As for the wedding outfits, the entourage can opt for custom-made (which is more expensive) or buy ready-made gowns from online retailers like Ever Pretty. In this aspect, they can put this on a budget since it’s just going to be an intimate wedding. They just have to make sure to look for a retailer that offers quality pieces at affordable prices. 


Since it’s Spring-Summer soon, brides can opt for off the shoulder wedding dresses. As the temperature rises, off-the-shoulder styles will be very in trend. This skin-baring look is a surefire modern-day classic style. Just make sure to choose a sophisticated silhouette to pair with showing off your bare shoulders. 


As for the female wedding entourage, you can never go wrong with dusty blue bridesmaid dresses! The color is perfect for garden and beach weddings – very apt for Spring and Summer! The color complements the blooming flowers and clear blue skies or the aquamarine shade of the sea and white sand. 


I hope couples who will get to wed in this new normal can still find to make their wedding day the wedding they are dreaming of. It may be intimate compared to the one they have envisioned, but I hope they are reminded that weddings bring with them the newness of Spring's new beginnings and the summer’s fun of starting a new life together. 

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