December 3, 2022

What is a Custom Neck Label?

If this is your first time hearing about custom neck labels, don't worry. We'll cover the details. Generally, these tend to fall under your clothing brand's "Private Labeling" category. The Neck Label can be found inside your t-shirt at the neckline. It usually contains essential information such as the company logo, size, and care instructions. As a clothing brand, this is the option available to you.

First, not all t-shirts can have custom neck tags. This is possible when the t-shirt has a "ripped tag" or a "clip tag." "Tear Away Tags" means the original manufacturer (Gildan, Anvil, Bella+Canvas, Cotton Heritage, etc.), and the tags are easy to remove by hand. "Clip-Off Tags" are tags that need to be cut using scissors to remove them.

Information that can be placed on the label is in the form of a company logo or company name, care instructions, websites, social media, and slogans. Of course, not all of the information above needs to be included, but it does provide a starting point for what can be done for your clothing brand.

The Neck Label must contain the following:
Country of Origin, Where the product is manufactured. (Made in Pakistan, USA, India, Australia, etc.) This information is in the original tag. This is NOT the place for screen printing. Material Information, what are the clothes made of? (100% cotton, 50% polyester / 50% cotton). Garment Size, Small, medium, large, etc.

What else should i consider when designing my clothing brand neck label?
Maximize Artwork Size
Suppose varies from screen printer to screen-printer. To get more accurate information, contact us and ask. Although, the most common sizes are no larger than 4″ x 4″.

Preparing Your Artwork
To ensure you get the best print quality, your artwork must be in vector format. Otherwise, you can provide a high-resolution PSD or a 100% true-to-size transparent PNG file at 300 dpi.

Single Color Printing
With this small print area, most screen printers only print one color. (It keeps your costs low too!) Considering your shirt color, the universal ink color is Cool Gray 4.

Avoid Small Text
Since the work area is small, keep your text in mind. Screen printers can get the smallest detail, but certain limitations exist. Therefore, keep the text on the large side whenever possible to ensure your information is clear. Not doing that could be a violation of the law.

What are the advantages of applying custom printed neck labels?
Make the brand more professional. The little touches with the product make all the difference. This helps the brand stand out. For example, wholesale clothing tags, such as printed neck labels, are a reminder of the brand as long as the product lasts. Another chance to get creative is adding a little slogan, sketch, or some artistic touch that might add a lasting effect to the final result.

Improve the appearance of the clothing brand. As clothing brands continue to grow and develop, you think about what new things can be done. For example, adding a custom neck tag may be a small detail, but it affects how the brand looks and others feel about it. In addition, other things can be done, such as woven labels, hang tags, and leather label manufacturer, all of which are worth investing in.

What's better? Woven Labels or Printed Labels?
Woven labels are more durable and will probably last longer, but they can also irritate. Especially in sportswear products, when the product is close to the skin, sweat and friction are involved. Therefore, the overall conclusion is to solve it. It doesn't matter what your neck labeling is or how you're going to apply it, but what's essential is adding it will create a premium fact for your brand and something that should be noticed.

How to choose the quality of your custom-woven garment labels?
There are three main types of quality woven garment labels to choose from Damask, Satin, and Taffeta.

Damask Woven Labels (also known as high definition weave; matte finish)
Features: high-density weaving, top-grade quality, best-woven drawing results; damask woven labels can achieve the most detailed weaving in logo design and text weaving; durable woven clothing labels.

Satin Woven Labels (shiny, silk finish)
Features: satin weave label is also a high-density weave; only slightly less weave density than damask labels; they are high quality, elegant style designer clothing labels; Woven satin labels are durable woven garment labels.

Taffeta Woven Label (matte finish)
Features: lower density weave, thinner fabric body; it is of good weaving quality, can achieve good woven drawing results; excellent durability. Taffeta woven labels are the cheapest woven clothing labels.

So what are you waiting for? You can check sample label designs on our website! This is an easy way to take your wholesale clothing tags to the next level. Still, trying to figure out where to start? Here at aseefashion, we help people like you take their clothing brand to a new level!

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