May 17, 2024

How to take care of shapewear

Surely at least one woman, if not more, has owned or owns a piece of shapewear. Some may have bought them for special occasions, but nowadays, more and more women are using them daily, as they are a quick solution for those who want to smooth out their imperfections while enhancing their curves.

Some people might wear their wholesale waist trainers and shapewear occasionally and others might use it daily, but there’s always a huge importance on taking care of these garments, so they can maintain their longevity and effectiveness. 

We are going to share some tips with you so you can make sure you keep your pieces in the best condition so they also offer you confidence and support and the results you want to get when you wear them. 

Reading the care label
This is one of the first things you need to do before starting any care routines for your shapewear. You need to check the care label on the garners so you can follow the specific instructions that the manufacturer provides as some different constructions and fabrics need different care methods. 

Using delicate cycles or hand washing 
Sometimes we feel that it might be easier to toss our new arrival shapewear into the regular laundry cycles. But the reality is that it is better to either use the delicate cycle on the washing machine or hand wash them. Always use a gentle detergent and cold water to prevent any damage to the shape and fabric. 

Harsh chemicals need to be avoided 
Avoid using fabric softeners or bleach when you wash your favorite shapewear garments. These chemicals can degrade the elastic and the fabric over time. Use mild detergents that have been formulated for delicate fabrics. 

Flat drying 
Now that you have washed your shapewear, take away the excess water with a gentle squeeze. Don’t wring or twist it. But make sure you lay your piece over a clean towel so it dries with the air. Don’t hang it as it can distort the shape or stretch the fabric.

Don’t use the dryer 
Don’t use the dryer, even if it will make the process faster because heat can damage the elastic fibers of your shapewear. If this happens your wholesale shapewear can lose its effectiveness and elasticity. 

Rotating the shapewear 
When you wear shapewear regularly, it’s a good idea that you have multiple pieces that you can rotate. This way your pieces will be able to have a rest while you wear them, helping them maintain the elasticity and shape for a longer time.

Proper storage 
If you want to prevent damage, it’s important to store your garments on a shelf or drawer where they can be laying flat. Avoid rolling or folding it as it creates deformities and creases in the fabric. And most importantly keep it away from direct sunlight or any other heat source. 

Handle it with care 
When you put it on or take it off, handle your garment gently to avoid tearing or stretching the fabric. You can weaken the seams or straps if you pull them too hard, which can lead to the effectiveness being compromised. 

Avoid rough surfaces
Try and prevent wearing your shapewear if you are going to be in contact with rough surfaces that could damage or snag the fabric. Remember that if you sit on abrasive or rough surfaces can cause tears or pillings so always be careful of where you sit. 

Always follow the size guidelines 
When you wear shapewear that is either too tight it can not only damage the garment but also can be uncomfortable. Make sure you follow the size guidelines that the manufacturer provides so you get a proper fit. 

Make regular inspections 
Always take the time to inspect your shapewear to see if they have any signs of wear or tear, like loose seams, fabric thinning, or stretched-out elastic. If you address these issues quickly you can extend the lifespan of the garment. 

Avoid wearing it for longer periods 
Of course, shapewear provides instant results, but wearing it for longer periods can not only be detrimental to the garment and even your health. Try not to wear it for longer than 8 hours at a time… and always give your body little breaks to relax and breathe. 

Avoid contact with lotions and oils 
These materials can break the elastic fibers in your shapewear, which can lead it to lose its shoe and its effectiveness. If you apply skincare before putting on your shapewear to prevent any transfers. 

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