September 19, 2013

On Being a Nurse

Lately I've been reflecting of what my life has become. More on the career path I took. In the "about me page" of this blog you will see that I put there than "I am a registered nurse though i do not work in a hospital".

Being a nurse doesn't mean you have to be in a hospital, to be one. Nursing is a vast profession. We are not limited to just being a nurse working in a hospital.

Florence Nightingale
I've tried it all. I've worked as a volunteer once in a primary hospital. I've worked in orthopedic and rehabilitation medicine clinic for more than a year. And now I'm currently working in one of the largest BPO in the Philippines catering to Medical accounts. And I have been here for more than 4 years.

I really wanted to be medical doctor back then. It was what I really wanted. But practicality-wise, I ended up taking I.T. during my first years in college. During those years, I felt like I was not enjoying college as I should. Although it is when and where I met my long time boyfriend and now husband, so probably it was really a part of my life story.

When I felt studying I.T. wasn't really for me and what I wanted to pursue. I shifted course to Nursing. And boy, you guessed it right I have enjoyed every moment of it since day 1 of being a nursing student. This is when I met new friends, some have come and go, a few I have retained until now. I, again, had the zeal of participating and being good in class, which I didn't felt with my previous course.

I was fascinated by everything that we learned in Nursing school. Though not every bit of it was easy, and nothing was, for that matter. But if you enjoy it and do your best, I guess one most would probably survived it.

I can still vividly remember almost every duty. I loved it when we get to be assigned in the E.R. and Nursery. I love the action that goes in the E.R.; most of the time it grosses me out but it's adrenaline rush, especially the part when we help out in trying to save someone's life.

Being deployed in Nursery is one of my favorite assignments! I can still recollect how I and my group mates would ran to the Nursery room and choose the cutest and fattest baby to take care of during a shift. And we would carry and take care of that baby like it was our own and would pretend we were their mommies. Lol! It was somewhat like a training ground for us for the future when we become mothers ourselves.

College, taking up Nursing was one of the highlights of my life. This is where I met most of the true good friends I have retained throughout the years.

Most wouldn't agree with me, but I hated Operating Room duty. There was less action happening there, well that's just for me. I hated waiting long hours for surgery to happen. And most of all I hated standing for 4-6 hours inside the operating room. Lol!

my first time assisting in a major operation

After graduation and after passing the National Licensure examinations, my college friends and I went to almost all the agencies that we know and clipped job advertisements from the newspapers for employment outside of the Philippines.

As for most of us, no luck went our way to be able to go outside of the country to practice Nursing. It comes with a lot of requirements and money to spend just to be able to work abroad. Years passed and I'm still stuck in Manila. Trying too hard to enter in the country's largest hospitals. Sending resumes and taking exams. Yet to no avail.

So I settled and accepted that I won't be able to work in any tertiary hospital. I volunteered for sometime and then  landed a job in an orthopedic and rehabilitation medicine clinic. Working there was one of the best part of my Nursing life. I met good friends and co-workers. Everyday was tiring but everyday was an adventure. We always find time to make the day fun and less stressful. I had the best co-workers in that clinic that made me stayed for more than a year even if the pay was not that competitive. I also had the best doctors as bosses, well-known and the top  in the field of  sports medicine, orthopedic and rehabilitation medicine in the country.

 with the Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapist and Doctors

Plus I get to meet my PBA idols/basketball players, especially those from the Barangay Ginebra team:

I'm a die-hard Ginebra fan/ with Mark Caguioa of Ginebra
with Ginebra Team's Erik Menk
with Junthy Valenzuela of Brgy. Ginebra
with Marc Pingris of San Mig Coffee team and Philippines' National basket ball team, Gilas
with Dondon Hontiveros of Alaska Aces

But every good thing has come to an end. In 2009, I resigned from the clinic and ventured out into the corporate world. It was more of practicality rather than the want to pursue a life-long dream. As I've said awhile back, Nursing is not confined to bed-side nursing care, so I let go of the idea that a nurse should only be found inside a hospital.

My new job was a very unfamiliar territory, it is hard and demanding, but I somehow enjoyed doing it. I'm also surrounded by the best nurses and doctors; but the place of work is far different from a hospital setting. I thought at first I won't be able to apply what I learned in school, it turns out I was able to and moreover I've learned and acquired new knowledge and skills. Especially about preventing health care fraud and abuse.

I read from somewhere that you must enjoy what you're doing now and have great hope and a positive outlook while you're waiting for that great opportunity to knock on your door. 

To be honest, I had several bouts of not feeling good with what I'm doing; I've had countless times of "feeling" like I'm dragging myself to work. But at the end of the day, I realized I'm lucky to have this job; plus I'm receiving a reasonable pay than what I used to. I feel blessed that I am employed, since there are millions of Filipinos who are not and having a hard time looking for a job. So be thankful that you have a job, and if you don't have one, have faith in God, or whoever you look up to in your spiritual life, that He will give you the job that you will be fruitful in.

I try lo live by this Bible verse when it comes to work:

Colossians 3:23 (NIV)

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters"

Though I'm confined at work 5 times a week, I try to balance it with other stuff that I like to so; one is blogging, I sometimes sew my own clothes when I feel like it. I also freelance as a wedding/event coordinator and stylist. Which I love doing, btw. It's my escape from the busy life in the corporate world. It's a job that I can have fun and hone my crafting skills.

Am I happy or contented? No I'm not..but i'm steady.. Do I miss being inside a hospital? Definitely! Do I regret finishing college with a degree in Nursing? No not one bit.

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