September 1, 2013


Since it has been raining in Manila for the past couple of weeks now, I can't help but think about sunny days at the beach and owing it to the fact that I haven't got the chance to travel to the beach this year. It's already August and a few more months, 2013 will be over soon. I hope that this year won't pass without me having to travel because that would totally suck.

I've recently felt nostalgic and went through all the photos saved in my desktop computer and came across our travel to Cebu and Bohol; and realized that I was not able to make a blog post out of that trip.

So even if it's loooong over due, I'm doing it now!

I have been to Cebu and Bohol twice, one was in 2010 and the second was in 2012. Cebu-Bohol was always a tandem trip, well that's my excuse of not being able to book any flights straight to Bohol Tagbilaran airport, many failed attempts. There are more promo flights going to Cebu than Bohol, plus  it's only a 1 hour ferry ride to go to Bohol from Cebu.

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We arrived in Cebu and at our hotel at around 7:00-8:00 pm. From the port, we headed straight to our hotel, Alba Uno

It's located inside a small village behind  to Cebu City's I.T. Park, and is just a few minutes walk from where the offices, bars, cafe's and restaurants. Transportation to and from this hotel is not a problem as well, many cab drivers know this hotel and there are rides that pass by the block where the hotel is.

The one thing that I didn't like about this hotel is that they didn't followed my instructions when I booked the room. I requested for a room with a Queen-sized bed, instead they gave us a room with two twin beds. There was no room available with the type of bed that we wanted, so we ended up taking the available room and we just pushed the two beds together. The room was quite small but with basic amenities.

We quickly freshened up and walked our way to The Walk, where Casa Verde is, one of Cebu's famous restaurants.

We were not that hungry so we just ordered their best selling dessert, Death By Chocolate. This dessert is to die for—chocolate and nutty rocky road ice cream mixed with chocolate bar bits on a bed of chocolate cookie crust. Drizzled with chocolate syrup.

Afterwards, we had some drinks at  Mooon Cafe over chit-chats and went back to the hotel to call it a night.

We wake up very early on our last day in Cebu and ate at Jollibee inside the IT Park, since my two balikbayan friends were craving for it. They said the Jollibee in California tastes different from what it is like here in the Philippines. They even bought peach mango pies to-go so they can eat it inside the plane as we head off to Manila later that day.

After breakfast, our next destination was the Magellan's Cross and the Basilica De Santo Nino.

We boarded a cab and asked the driver to bring us to Tabo-An dried fish and seafood market. Where one can buy well-known Cebuano delicacies, danggit (dried fish) and dried mangoes at a much cheaper price. This will be our gifts to our loved ones when we get back to Manila. Though the cab driver warned us that the stench of the dried seafood would stick to our clothes if we stayed there longer than we had to. 

Our next stop after the Tabo-An Market, was CnT Lechon near SM Cebu. It is one of the two most popular sellers of Cebu Lechon aside from Zubuchon. Cebu lechon can be eaten without the sauce unlike the ones we have in Manila, it's already delicious on it's own. Famous chef and restaurateur  Anthony Bourdain, even tagged Cebu lechon as "the best pig... ever!"

We didn't dine at CnT Lechon because it was jam-packed with customers. It took us almost 45 minutes before we got our take-out orders (which we brought back to Manila). Airlines allow its passengers to hand carry these lechons on their plane, so you can take them back home.

long lines
one of the best lechons in the Philippines

After CnT, we went back to our hotel and packed our stuff and got ready to go back home to Manila. We contracted the taxi driver who took us to Tabo-An market to pick us up from the hotel and bring us to Cebu-Mactan International Airport later that day.

Upon arriving at Cebu-Mactan International Airport, we finished what we had to do at the Cebu Pacific check-in counter and we just stayed at Coffee Bean to kill time. Our flight was delayed for an hour, which usually happens with Cebu Pacific!

The ground security didn't scorned us when we took this photo, which passengers are usually not allowed to do since you will disrupt normal airport affairs. :)

Inside the plane on our way back home to Manila! :)

So there you have it, my series of long-overdue posts about my two Cebu-Bohol trips. I would want to go back to Cebu again someday but to other destinations like Bantayan or Malapascua. And if ever I'll go back to Bohol, I don't want to take the tours anymore, I just want to stay in one of the beach front resorts and just enjoy the beach. 

Backtrack my other post about my Cebu-Bohol Trips:

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