January 12, 2016

Curvy, Fabulous and Fashionable!

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I totally agree with that. Our society nowadays has continually making changes of the standards of beauty. Social media has played a big role in  telling and convincing people which is beautiful or sexy or not; especially when it comes to body size or form. But let me tell you this, the most beautiful woman is someone who loves and appreciates her own body. Never allow anyone to define your identity or tell you you are not beautiful or sexy. We are all created differently. Someone can be beautiful to a person A but not to person B and it's their opinion and you can never change that. What's important is that you are not defined but someone else's view of you. 

You can be beautiful and sexy in your own way. A person can have such a beautiful body but if her attitude is rotten or she/he puts down other people to make him/herself "feel beautiful", can you truly say he/she is beautiful? Well, it depends on you if what is your standards or your morals when it comes to beauty. 

Crew Neck Patchwork Plus-Size-Bodycon-Dress

As for fashion, I love anyone who knows their fashion sense and live up to it no matter what their style or body size is. Ok, here's the deal, not all humans are built to have ectomorph type of body. Some are muscular, some are lanky and some have more body fat. God has wired us that way. Imagine if all people look the same wouldn't it be such a boring and monotonous world?

Patchwork Fascinating Round Neck Plus Size Flared Dress

But if you're a woman who's curvy, never ever fret. I know it's hard to look for stylish outfits just like the ones we see on models in fashion stores or websites. But thank goodness people are slowly coming to their senses and starting to realize that there is no such thing as one size! Yasss! People there is no such thing! I'm not plus size and I'm not skinny. I am a petite girl but I got my mom's DNA and I am curvy and a small sized dress wouldn't fit me in some places. It is what it is and I am not complaining.

Fascinating V Neck Plain Plus-Size-Midi-Maxi-Dress

So for you girls who are curvy and plus size, you have now the option to show off your curves and style at the same time because the online fashion retail world has now cheap plus size dresses. Now anyone can be stylish no matter what their body shape or size is.

Plain Attractive V Neck Plus Size Flared Dress

I really like sites that cater to a range of sizes for women especially those who offer hot plus size dresses. Not only that I can shop for myself but also for cheap plus maxi dresses for my mum because she never got her figure back after giving birth to us 5 kids and I still find my mum beautiful because she bore and brought us to this world even though she knows a lot of changes will happen to her body and that she might never regained the slender body she once had. 

Surplice Plain Plus-Size-Maxi-Dress

You can check out all the featured cheap maxi dresses plus size in this article by clicking on the photos. There are tons more you can choose from that'll make emphasize your assets and curves! 

Sheer V Neck Lace Plain Plus S Bodycon-Dress

Beauty and sexiness can be defined in so many ways, like your intelligence, your skills and your talents. Personally, I find someone beautiful (goes for both sexes) if they are can carry a no non-sense conversation, who's aware of the current trends, who can talk about everything under the sun. I also find artists, writers, dancers, poets extremely beautiful because of their talents.  So never ever think you're less than beautiful because of how this world defines beauty and being sexy. Always love the body you're born into!

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  1. Can't agree with this post. The beauty of women is not determined by the body size or form. And the most beautiful woman is someone who loves and appreciates her own body. Every woman should know this point. Finally, you'll never disappointed about wearing cheap human hair wigs.


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