January 11, 2016

Hottest Holiday Destinations in Africa to Visit in 2016

Tired of vacationing along the Mediterranean coast, the French Riviera and islands in the Atlantic Ocean? Try Africa for size: formerly a Dark Continent, the region has significantly upgraded its tourist sector over the past decade, and now takes pride in a host of destinations that combine adventure, beachside recreation, and sightseeing tours. Sounds too good to be true? Here, treat your insatiable wanderlust to these five holiday jewels: we promise you will love every minute of your stay in Africa!

1. Fez, Morocco

With a unique blend of culture and history set against a vivid medieval-looking background, Morocco’s former capital of Fez definitely deserves a place on everyone’s bucket list. Though not as popular as Marrakech, the city is no less picturesque than the country’s current administrative center and is marked by labyrinthine streets, Arabesque architecture and colorful souks (marketplaces) teeming with friendly merchants and handicraft masters. Often referred to as the ‘real Morocco’, Fez is the home to one of the world’s biggest car-free city areas, Medina of Fez, which is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. A number of lavish riads have been transformed into hotels, so you can rest after a long day of haggling, sightseeing and encounters with amiable locals in the lap of peace and luxury.

2. Accra, Ghana

One of the fastest developing regions in Africa, Ghana is a heaven for lovers of nature, shopping and culture. The modern cityscape of the country’s capital, Accra, highly resembles Western metropolises. In addition to vibrant cultural and music scene, Accra is home to Ghana’s landmark historical sites such as the National Museum, National Theatre and Trade Fair which hosts the traditional arts, crafts and textiles bazaar. For a heady adrenaline injection, try mountain biking across captivating landscapes off the city boundaries, hike along the Kulug Canyon all the way to the Mountain Paradise ecolodge or book a tour of national game reserves swarming with baboons, duikers and kobs. For longer stays in Ghana, you can rent a temporary home through one of the many real estate portals such as meqasa.com – it will definitely take more than a few days to discover all that the fascinating country has in store for you.

3. Cape Town, South Africa

Another rapidly maturing African region, South Africa is the place where pristine beaches and historical sites lurk at every corner, and rare wildlife species coexist peacefully with urban areas. For an absorbing lesson on South Africa’s slave trading past, head over to Cape Town. Here, you will never grow tired of the entrancing dance of culture and history embodied in impeccably preserved sites such as the Slave Lodge, Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Castle of Good Hope, Town Gardens and District Six Museum, all of them etched against the proud Table Mountain looming on the horizon.

4. The archipelago of Cabo Verde

For a quiet beachside holiday, check out Cabo Verde: clean powdery beaches brimming with tropical vegetation make the archipelago an ideal summer destination for romantics and loners. The region is a hotpot of culture marked by Brazilian, Portuguese and African influences, and its vivid marine life and fascinating sites of natural beauty make it perfect for diving, dune climbing and explorations.

5. Safari in Namibia

For a touch of adventure, set out on a wild safari across Namibia: the place where cheetahs, lions and leopards still thrive and canyons marry sand dunes, the southern African country is characterized by impressive biodiversity and geographical variety. From the Kalahari Desert in the east and Etosha Pan in the north to the Skeleton Coast and the Namib Desert in the west, this exotic area is a genuine paradise for daring adventurers and wildlife spotters.
A place where modernity collides with tradition and nature, Africa offers tons of eye-opening experiences that will continue to live inside you long after your holiday is over. Are you ready for an adventure?
Guest Post by: Oliver Hyde

Oliver is an experienced business consultant from the UK. His job allows him to travel, which also happens to be one of his greatest passions. You can find him on Twitter.
Thanks a lot for this article Oliver!

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