April 4, 2016

Buffy's Milk Tagaytay: Buffalo Milk Ice Cream and Yogurt

I wasn’t big on drinking milk when I was younger, but I do love ice cream big time! And I have recently (well around 2-3 years now) took a liking eating or drinking yogurt. Most of the time I consume commercially produced milk, ice cream and yogurt. So when my fellow Zomato foodies, after a foodie meet-up in Tagaytay, suggested that we pass by this place that offers products made form carabao/water buffalo milk, I got pretty much excited about it.

The place is called Buffy’s and it offers a wide array of dairy products that includes milk, yogurt, ice cream, cheese and other pasalubongs. What’s unique about Buffy’s is that they use carabao/water buffalo milk, which is known to be creamier and healthier compared to what we’re used to with cow’s milk. 

Their products are made from 100% pure buffalo’s milk which is a healthy and nutritious daily drink and can be consumed by people of all ages. Buffalo milk is extremely rich in calcium. It also has a good amount of Magnesium, Potassium, and Phosphorus. 

It also contains Iron, Sodium, Zinc, Copper, and Manganese in small amounts. It has higher content of protein that cows milk. Buffy’s milk is homogenized and pasteurized Homogenized - meaning process that breaks the fat in separating out and floating to the top. Pasteurized - to kill pathogenic bacteria.

Our group stopped by to have some ice creams and some yogurt drinks. Buffy’s best seller ice cream was the blueberry flavor, but it wasn’t available at that time. The ice cream came in different sizes and if you want to take home some there’s an available styrofoam bucket that you can buy for an additional price so that the ice cream won’t melt during transportation.


These are the ice cream flavors that we got to try:


Ube / Purple Yam

We also tried the blueberry yogurt drink:
What I got was the ube flavor (purple yum) which is my favorite. I love everything ube-flavored actually. From all of the flavors of the ice cream I tasted and some of the other foodies agree with me on this, the ube flavor is the best among the 3 that we got to try. Well, we haven’t tried the blueberry but at that moment it was the best flavor. Moreover, it is also the best ube flavored ice cream I have tried so far in my entire life.

The blueberry yogurt drink was also super yummy! All the stuff that we tried were super rich, thick and creamy. That is how fresh carabao/water buffalo milk different from the usual cow’s milk, I would say.

By the way, we also visited the restaurant that Buffy’s manage upstairs. I love the shabby-chic interiors of the restaurant and how spacious and cozy it looks. Unfortunately, we were still full from the fiesta-like lunch that we had earlier that day. Well there’s always a next time and I will definitely find time to try what they have to offer, probably on my next visit to Tagaytay. I’ll definitely share and recommend Buffy’s to my friends and family, so they can also enjoy the goodness of the products here the next time they’re around the area.

Buffy's Milk
Unit 1A, LMMC Building, Caltex Gas Station, 
Santa Rosa - Tagaytay Road, Tagaytay City
Contat No: +63 9175069531
Email: buffysmarketing@gmail.com
Website: www.buffysmilk.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/buffysmilk
Instagram: www.instagram.com/buffysmilk

For more information and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
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