April 2, 2016

Choi Garden at Mega Atrium

I have always loved Chinese food and I don’t consider it really as an international cuisine at all. Well, if you’re not from Asia, you might not know this, but China even before the Philippines was colonized by Western countries, already had a great influence to my country. From culture, to race/ancestry, to tradition and of course, to food. So never be surprised if we have Filipino dishes that are almost similar or contain a greatly-influenced Chinese taste.

Although we have a lot of Filipinized Chinese dishes, sometimes I still crave for the authentic ones. But it’s not every day that I can go to Chinatown and enjoy eating close-to-authentic Chinese food. So where can I get a quick fix? At the mall of course! It may be a bit pricier from the ones back at Chinatown restos but it’s a faster answer to any cravings I’m having at the moment.

While I was in Megamall with my two little sisters, we got hungry and cranky like we always do, and all three of us were craving nothing Chinese food. We went to a couple of restaurants but our palates were for dim-sums. Our first choice was Tim Ho Wan but it was jam-packed so we had to look for another one. One of us suggested Choi Garden.
Choi Garden in Megamall was recently renovated and the interiors scream nothing but typical Chinese restos with big open spaces and huge family tables. Red and gold was the motif, very Chinese indeed. The lighting was a bit dim for me, but not really complaining about it, I’ve been to far sleazy Chinese restos before. Ambiance wasn’t the goal at that time but to satisfy a yearning.
So here’s what we ordered:
Pork buns


Chicken feet

Xiao long bao  

Milk tea  

House tea 


As I’ve said, the prices of the dim-sums here are on the expensive side. Were the tastes of the dim-sums worth the prices? Hmmm… somehow… The xiao long bao and the hakao were ok, and so are the other dim-sums. I still prefer the ones I’ve tried at Chinatown. Their milk tea was so-so as well. The tea wasn’t free though, unlike in other places. But it was only PHP 50 thus was not much of a big deal. But I would have to commend their pork buns, they were good actually.
As for the service, it was ok and fast. There was no reason for a slow service would arise since only a few people were dining at that time. I might come back to try what other dishes they have to offer. I can’t really judge the entire dining experience at Choi Garden since I haven’t even tried their main dishes or their rice toppings. Too bad it wasn’t cheat day that day. Well maybe some other time and I will see to it that when I go back, it’s my cheat day/s.
Choi Garden 
Second Floor, Mega Atrium, SM Megamall, 
Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
Contact No: 02-9863712
For more information and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
Choi Garden Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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