March 31, 2016

Weekend Getaway: Summer, Nature and Team Building at Los Arcos De Hermanos

I always get burned-out from work, I’ve been working my ass off since I passed my Nursing board exams, maybe that’s why. So I won’t usually say no to a quick road trip or a getaway on my weekend off, unless I have something more important thing to do or an event to attend to. When I was invited to experience an overnight stay at Los Arcos De Hermano last weekend with a group of blogger friends, I didn’t give it another thought and said yes ASAP.

I would prefer a quick trip to Tagaytay and enjoy the cool mountain breeze or to the nearest beach so I can dig my toes in the sand, but since Los Arcos is all about nature and is just a few hours away from Manila, I thought I should give it a go after all.

We arrived at around 7:00-8:00pm at the resort, around an hour and a half travel from QC to San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. I was surprised that the resort at that time of the day was still packed with people and clients are still pouring in. I learned that it was the resort’s 4th year anniversary and they have a lot of things going on, like a live band, fire dancers, hula dancers, games etc to entertain guests. So the timing of our visit couldn’t be any more perfect.

We were assigned two rooms and the room had two double-sized beds. It was very basic, with AC, cable TV and bathroom. I was surprised to find that there’s basic toiletry available for guests (towel, toothbrush, toothpaste and soap) which you wouldn’t usually find in a resort like this. 


So that was a plus. The room was clean and had a decent toilet and bath with shower. We all had a pretty fair sleep since the aircon was good. All in all, the room accommodation was A-OK, especially for its rate.

We had our dinner and breakfast at the resort’s in-house restaurant called Acacia Bistro. They have a fair-enough amount of food to choose from that can be cooked upon ordering. The taste and quality of the food and service was average and can still improve. But the good thing is that resort guests can bring their own food inside the facility without corkage fee. Grills are also available in case guests will bring their own food; so really, there’s no problem about keeping your tummies full while enjoying nature and swimming.

Speaking of swimming, there are numerous pools inside the resort. Not only numerous but huge ones. There are 3 existing pools and two new ones. We were fortunate enough to get first dibs on the new pools – infinity pools by the way. It was closed to other guests but some tried going but were deterred by the resort staff. This is because that area isn’t finished yet, it’s newly built and the finishing touches aren’t done.

If you’re just staying for the day or for just a couple of hours you can just rent a cottage and use the toilet and shower facilities that are available in the resort. A lot and I mean really a lot, of cottages surround the pools. They come in various sizes that can fit from 5-30 people. Rates differ for each cottage size though but there’s no limit to how many you can fit in them. 

Los Arcos de Hermano is more than just a swimming resort. It’s a 5-hectare property surrounded by lush greens that will really comfort your eyes and soul. They even have a petting zoo, but it has limited animals available since this area will also be developed into a swimming pool.

Los Arcos also has a camp site and team-building facilities that offers various activities. A lot of big companies do their team buildings here (like ABS-CBN and well-known pharmaceutical companies) on a regular basis due to their competitive packages and rates. I wasn’t able to roam around the camp site but my blogger friends told me that even that area is quite huge. You can even bike around if you want to.


Aside from all the things that you can do at this resort that I’ve mentioned above, Los Arcos is also a well-known events venue in Bulacan and neighboring provinces. It has been awarded with a title for Best Events Venue in Bulacan.  They have a couple of function halls that are perfect for seminars, birthdays, debuts and weddings. 

But what I love most is the Paradise Garden. It’s a nook in the resort where the old world is one with serene nature. Complete with a chapel, a courtyard perfect for a garden wedding and reception and another pool. While wandering around the resort, this is where I took time to enjoy. Being the old world romanticist that I am, this is by far my favorite place in the resort.

Our stay at Los Arcos De Hermano was indeed a great weekend escape from the city. I pretty much enjoyed having my morning coffee while listening to birds chirping in the distance and feasting my eyes on all the greenery. If you want to have a quick getaway and cramped up with time, I suggest you also give Los Arcos a try. As for me, I will definitely recommend Los Arcos to my co-workers for our next team-building.


For facility and activity rates you can click here and here or contact Los Arcos directly; details are written below.

Los Arcos De Hermano
Corner School Rd., Paradise Farm, Brgy. Tungkong Mangga, 
San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, Philippines
Contact Number: (+63) 932 8444492 or (+63) 917 8577446
Email Address:


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