March 23, 2016 Haul # 2 Review

I don't know if it's just a girl thing, but I can't stop myself from shopping for clothes, shoes, and accessories. Even though my closet is already overflowing with them; which some are still unused and still with tags. Fashion and dressing-up is a way of life to me, well.. ok... more of like an obsession. I always find myself browsing thru online apparel retail stores; sometimes without even the slightest inkling on buying anything. I just love pretty things and I'm drawn to it.

But then there are times when I cannot suppress the urge to shop. Especially when what's in front of me, or in this case, what's showing up on my cellphone screen are completely attractive pieces and at super affordable prices. That's exactly what happened to me while I was browsing thru's website. offers fashion items, for both men and women, that are of the latest trends without burning your pockets. Not only that, I have had the one of the best customer service experience with this site. Their website is also fairly easy to use, providing customers with language, currency and shipment options. It is the only Asia-based online clothing store that I visited which provides Philippine peso as currency, they were able to consider the fact that the Philippines has a huge market for online buyers. And I'm definitely giving Newchic kudos for it.

So anyway, here's my second haul from the site:

Women Long Sleeve O Neck Hollow Out Chiffon Shirts

I already own like 15-20 pieces or so of chiffon clothing items but I still buy anything made of it since I really love how it looks or flows when worn. It can be used ranging from casual to business to formal. You always have the option to dress it up or down. And the most important part is that it’s very comfortable to wear and it’s lightweight.


I bought this chiffon top mainly because of the color; I love anything that’s in the shade of blue. I was also drawn to the unique design of the front and back cut outs. I haven’t seen anything like it in malls or bazaars just yet.


Though it kind of runs a little (very little) big around the shoulders and the sleeves are a little bit longer. Not a problem though because I can alter it anytime using my trusty old sewing machine.


I also love the garterized waist of this blouse. I have only like 2 or 3 blouses with this type of design on the waist and this one’s a nice addition to them. Unfortunately, I haven’t got the chance to wear it and take photos of it when worn.  But as usual, I’ll update this post when I finally have them.

Folk Style Drawstring Waist Printed Playsuit

I only have 3 jumpsuits, and this jumpsuit is by far is my favorite! There are so many reasons why I like it so much, one is that it got sleeves; which hides my flabby fat arms LOL! Two, I love the print of the cloth used for it. It has this tribal/cowboy-ish prints on it.

 Third is that the material used was very soft and lightweight which super perfect for the summer weather. Fourth, the majority color of the jumpsuit is blue (with a combination of beige), which obviously is my favorite color besides turquoise.

The bottom part was kinda longer than what I expected but you can somehow pull it up and it has a string on the sides that can be buttoned up. But I think I’d rather sew it to the length that I want to, than roll it up. I also love the tassels at the end of the drawstrings around the waist; they are a great additional detail to this already wonderful jumpsuit.


Although, I must tell you guys this that the jumpsuit run a bit big. I need to make some adjustments on the sleeves, the body and the length of the shorts part so that it looks better on me when I wear it.

I think if had ordered one size smaller, I don’t need to do any alterations anymore. But I’d rather have something that runs big and can be altered to my size than have something too small and I won’t be able to use it.

Canvas Pure Color Casual Shoes

I already have a pair of white sneakers, but I wanted to have 1 or 2 more pairs. Since, you know, white shoes are too burdensome to maintain and keep them immaculately clean and white, so having spare ones would be awesome. What I like about these kicks are the small blue star details on the side of the shoes, which by some means breaks the all-white look of these shoes.

They came in a box and there were no stains on the canvas. The insoles are soft and comfortable enough. There are labels/tags on the shoe for the brand, and I’m still deciding whether to remove them or not, because if I tie the shoelaces up the name’s covered.


Also, I’m not so sure if the size of the shoe run a bit big than the usual size 6 shoes I normally wear. Or maybe I’m just not used to wearing sneakers that much. But for some days I want to feel and dress in a more relax manner and trade my heels or ballet flats for heels.

You can check out these items at or by clicking the links below each product photo.

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