March 21, 2016

#Foodporn: Why People Love Watching Food Pictures (Rather Than Preparing It)

The new culture of posting pictures of your food before you maybe eat it is a global trend. Not only does it seem like a new line of interests and hobbies growing out of it, but, it also seems to make food choices harder to pick. On the other hand, people find it fascinating to look at pictures of food others have created, but their appetite is satiated with just that. 

Your Mind Will Affect Food Choices
Although you might have it believe that you only eat food which tastes good, over time, you will realize that there is much more to it than satisfying your taste buds. Your mind and mental image of what you are eating will greatly affect whether your food will taste good or bad, even if it has been prepared by a master chef. The power of the mind over food should not be taken lightly, and should be aware the relationship of food you have. In other terms, you might find something tasty, even if looks weird and inedible. 

We Are Surrounded by Food Pictures
The harsh truth is that we are surrounded by food everywhere we go. However, it is only a great picture that will attract customers, the actual products are usually a great deal off from what the picture looks like. Just by looking at the pictures you will get a tingly sensation in your stomach, and you will start craving more to look at meals prepared by someone else. It will be pure fantasy, but it will be a very delicious one at that.  

Did You Imagine the Taste or Is It There?
In most cases you get the chance to imagine the taste of what you are going to eat, and it will help create a delicious meal in your mind. Nevertheless, eating with your eyes as such will also create an illusion and could have you end up eating the worst meal in your life. Everything looks better on the picture, and you are mentally preparing yourself to get a heavenly bite out of your meal, which never comes. 

Use Your Imagination
Seeing that perfect sandwich over and over again will make you crave it more over time. This will be your brain’s way of telling you that the wait will be more than worth the actual first bite you take out of it. However, that perfect picture of your divine culinary piece could end up being that, an image that will satisfy your virtual hunger but should never be approached in any other way. Your imagination can be a powerful thing, and once you get the idea that something tastes amazing, but end up with the taste of dirt in your mouth, you will stick to the picture.


Images of Happiness
Beautifully presented and prepared food will be similar to models, unachievable attractiveness combined with pure ecstasy. Every little detail about the picture will matter and it could create a reaction which will make the images seem like a gift sent from heaven. Cake images can have the same effects as certain drugs, as it will be hard to stop looking at them once you start. On the other hand, the picture will be enough to fulfill your needs, as you are afraid that your creation could never turn out to be that amazing.

It takes a lot to create the perfect food image which will make everyone’s mouth start watering. Being exposed to high-quality food images will create a craving that you can only satisfy if you search for more. While it seems harmless, and will let you have fun all the way, it will also ruin your perception of food. To have beautiful images of your own, make sure to create culinary masterpieces and to snap a good photo yourself. Be sure to play around with angle and lighting, and in the end you will have a collection of your own tasty goodies. 

Guest Post by: Cristina Nika Kask

Cristina is a blogger from HIGH STYLE LIFE. She's an aspiring fashion and lifestyle blogger from Sydney. Making guest appearances on fashion blogs, trying to establish herself in the world of fashion blogging and becoming an important part of the ever growing community.

Thanks alot for this article Cristina!

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