June 8, 2017

Tropical Summers with Zaful

I am no celebrity, fashion blogger or whatsoever but I am very much inclined to clothes and fashion and I know I owe it to being greatly influenced by my family’s background and involvement with the apparel business/trade. Due to that I have the tendency of at least having a minimum of two weeks gap when repeating clothes. I hate to admit it but I really struggle when it comes to buying clothes and shoes; I can live with just enough make up, bags and accessories but with clothes and shoes, they really make me weak. I’m sorry if you might think that it sound so shallow, but all of us have certain obsessions in our lives and yours doesn’t make me any worse or you any better, mine just happened to be clothes and shoes.

The same also goes for when I attend an occasion or travel, I don’t usually repeat wearing the same clothes, especially that I will take a lot of photos and eventually post them online. Don’t be judgmental though, it’s just me being me and nothing more. 

>> High Waisted Halter Striped Bikini - White And Black

The same thing happens for swimsuits. I know I love the beach (ha! That explains the name of my blog actually) and even though I don’t have a VS Angel body I love wearing swimsuits and no matter what others may say I will not be ashamed of wearing them especially now that I am starting to love and accept my body and my curves.

 >> Low Cut High Waist Sheer Bikini Swimsuit - White

I have tried wearing all sorts of bikini style and colors, but one color or swimsuit item I haven’t really got a chance to own are white bikini bottoms. Well white looks good when you're at the beach  and also serve a purpose of deflecting sun light thus lessens the heat that you're body takes in while you're outdoors and enjoying the beach. But light colored clothes, especially white is a very hard color to wear especially if one is on the plumpier side. But life is too short and FOMO, I would love to try it out soon and I couldn't care less what others will say. 

Nowadays everything is absolutely fine when it comes to fashion; women have become very experimental and confident about themselves: their bodies and skin color that nobody can tell them what not to wear. I would really love to wear white for swimwear, it can either be in solid color or color-blocked or in prints. Well I might greatly consider that for next summer. But for you guys out there who’s just welcoming the summer season care to give wearing red bikinis a try?

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