February 9, 2018

Blonde Hair = Summer Hair

Ahhhhh, summer, I can already see it peeking through, even though that these past few days the weather has been quite cold; I know summer is just around the corner. This has got to be my favorite season ever. I live for sand, sun and sea and endless summer afternoons. When it comes to fashion and beauty, especially talking about hairstyles and all, when I think of summer, blonde is what immediately pops on my mind. Not that the sun and salt water causes hair to lighten but because it’s light like the sun and its rays. 

The blonde spectrum is a vast one, there’s ash blonde, platinum blonde or the regular. Whether you want the ombre or the balayage, summer hair color is definitely shining bright and blonde all the way. Most people think that blonde only suits Caucasian people, but that doesn’t hold true not anymore. There are a lot of colored-skin celebrities that sport the blondest blonde you can ever imagine.

The same thing is true for me, the first time I dyed my hair, I only went for the darkest brown. Later on I got more adventurous with my hair color and went to get lighter and lighter shades until I ended up with my current ash blonde hair.

It could be high maintenance to maintain blonde hair if your normal hair is dark. Take it from me, I always dye my hair like on a quarterly basis. But the good thing is if you do not want to subject your hair to such torture like I do, there’s always options to try. Say for example, making use of blonde weave or blonde lace front wig. With them you don’t have to worry about buying expensive products to care for your blonde hair or dyeing it over and over again just to avoid brassiness.

 brazilian human hair wigs

 blonde lace wig

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with colour and blonde is way-to-go. With the use blonde 360 frontal wig you will always have the gloss and shine of sun-kissed blonde hair. And for all you know, you’ll discover that blonde can really change up the vibe and add some fun.

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