February 14, 2018

Bundles or Packs? Which Hair Extension is Better?

Whenever I am asked what part of my body do I like, doesn’t like or if I want anything to change in my body, I always think about what I like about it first. Hey, who will love me but me right? So the least thing that I ponder on is what I can change about. 

But to answer the first question, So, to answer that question, here are the parts of my body that I love: my eyelashes (they’re pretty long and thick), my fingers (they’re not going to qualify for any hand model job, a bit webby but they’re long and just the right thickness), my legs (they’re not at all flawless but they’re well-proportioned and not muscular) and my hair (it is literally my crowning glory).

I love my hair and I’m super sorry of the way I’ve been treating it these past few years. I had it undergo severe hair treatments like regular hair dyeing, Brazilian blowouts, rebondings, regular curling and straightening. I’m just glad it hasn’t given up on me just yet. Although I’ve noticed that it was not as thick as it was before, probably because of the conscious damage-causing activities I had it put through. 

I also like going to the beach, being under the sun and swimming in salt water. There are times when I want to have much volume for my hair, but couldn’t achieve it. Because it is already so damaged from all the bleaching, dyeing and exposure to the sun. 

Good thing that I have options for when I want to give my hair some volume, like using hair bundles. Hair bundles are hair with various lengths and later retied accordingly into new bundles. Most of the time they are real human hair which allows you to use it more than once, does not tangle, shed, can be shampooed, styled and colored. 

I’ve read from somewhere that using lace frontal or body wave hair extensions are better because they are easier to put on than individual bundles. The good thing about bundles, though, is that you can control how much hair you want to add to what you already have on your head. Have you guys tried using these kinds of hair extensions? What are your thoughts? Cuz I’m super curious about them that I really want to try them out soon. 

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