January 7, 2021

What Should You Do With Your Valuables When You Travel?

There are plenty of things to sort out when you choose to travel. However, one overlooked thing is what you should do with your valuables. You've all got certain things that are valuable to you in one way or another. They might be expensive, rare, or sentimental. So, what should you do with these valuables when you travel? Truthfully, there are four different options to consider...


Bring them with you
Option number one is to take your valuables with you. This might make sense depending on what your valuables are. If you have an expensive laptop or camera, you're probably going to bring them with you anyway. However, it doesn't make much sense to take a family heirloom on your travels! Often, bringing things with you will only increase the odds of them being stolen or lost. 

Leave them at home
You could leave your valuables at home, but this carries a pretty high risk. Ultimately, you're putting a lot of faith in your home security. If you live in a flat with lots of other people, you will have more security measures than someone living in a home by themselves. In a flat, someone has to access the building and then randomly choose to break into your apartment. If you're on the top floor, the odds of this happening are slim. With a house, someone can easily break in and steal your valuables without anyone knowing. So, it comes down to a test of faith: do you trust that your things are safe at home?


Move them to a safe place
If the answer to the previous question is no, you may be inclined to move your valuables to a safe place. Realistically, a self storage facility is probably the safest place for them. You can rent a small room or a locker to keep your prized possessions in while you're away. Here, you benefit from the on-site security, as well as the reputation of the storage facility owners. They do everything they can to keep everything safe and secure! Thus, you can travel without worrying about your home being broken into and your valuables getting stolen. 

Give them to someone else
Alternatively, you could give your valuables to someone you trust. Some people prefer to do this as it doesn't cost any money. You simply give things to a family member or close friend, and they keep them safe while you're away. The only caveat to this is that it doesn't always work when you have large valuables or lots of items you want to keep safe. A friend may be happy to look after one or two small things, but they're unlikely to want to hoard dozens of possessions for you! 


Really, there isn't a right or wrong answer. It all depends on what your valuables are, how many you have, and how big they might be. Plus, your faith in your home security also plays a huge factor, as does the duration of your trip away. For instance, you may feel comfortable leaving things at home for a weekend, but not for two weeks. Weigh up your options, then make a decision that you believe is the best for your situation.

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