May 8, 2021

5 Easy Ways to Help Your Employees Become More Independent and Empowered

Putting aside all influences created and driven by market trends, we can all agree that the success of any company depends on efficient, highly motivated and what's even more important independent staff. We live in times when every ounce of a competitive edge can be used to outmaneuver the aggressive competition. Micromanagement, complicated timetables, and excessive middleman staff can be seen as nothing more but obstacles.

So, let's take a look at a couple of ways to create that proactive workforce capable of thinking for themselves and taking the initiative when it matters the most.

Create an open-minded, transparent corporate culture
Any kind of empowered workforce requires that you need to create a work environment where people will be able to express their thoughts freely and without fear of repercussions. Other vital requirements this free-spirited environment can't exist without are the free flow of important information and transparent corporate goals. These are the tools your employees will use to assess the current situation of the company and solve the problems that may pop up down the road.

Be willing to let the employees fail
This is a necessary step in the learning process. If you constantly put a safety net to safeguard your staff, they will continue to rely on your guidance and monitoring. So, if you want to preserve some sort of damage control without undermining your workers' independence, start by giving them ownership over areas that don't have too big of an impact on the operations of your company. Something like the maintenance and acquisition of office equipment, energy savings, etc. Once they prove their capabilities and get used to responsibility, you can start delegating some of the more critical tasks.

Sign your employees for executive training
If you want your employees to perform independently in the time of crises and cut down the executive staff, they need to be cut out as executive material. That is why you should do your best to sign your workers for professional executive coaching. These classes are usually designed to offer future leaders to reach the expertise in the areas like innovation, leadership, and soft skills so they can do nothing but help your overall efforts. If you don't enlist the entire staff, you will be able to achieve great results even by narrowing down the list to future team leaders.

Offer opportunities for advancement
If you are already delegating the executive obligations to lower-ranked workers and enlisting them for professional development, you should leave the doors halfway open for promotion. Of course, management can’t be endlessly resupplied, but the option for climbing the corporate ladders does serve as a great motivation. With this option on the table, your workers will be far more motivated to look at their professional development more seriously and take more responsibility on their shoulders. Of course, good results should always be rewarded in some shape or form.

Invest more funds into automation
In the simplest of terms, workplace automation lifts numerous tiresome chores off the shoulders of your workers and assigns them to the dedicated AI. This, in turn, lowers the volume of the obligations your workers need to deal with and cuts the necessity for related micromanagement. Second, automated tools where the possibility for human error is cut to the bare minimum helps workers excel in other areas and makes them feel much more empowered. With AI-powered tools at disposal, even the most hesitant employees can take matters into their own hands and become the men of the hour.

We hope these few tips gave you some general idea about the ways you can help your workers become more independent and empowered. The present-day climate is very competitive, and the following years are only going to get worse. In this world, there will be no place for the companies where every important decision is dragged out to the point of breaking and even the most minute activities micromanaged by the senior staff.

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