May 26, 2021

5 Reasons I Choose ZALA Over Other Hair Extension Brands

You know that your hair plays a vital role in appearance and aesthetics, and having great hair can deliver a major confidence boost. Yet, you may not always have the time to pamper your hair. At times, your strands can become thin, lacking the length and volume needed to achieve your desired styles. These are situations where hair extensions come to your rescue. 

Hair extensions provide an instant makeover by adding length, volume, and thickness to your hair. But given the dozens of hair extension brands out there, choosing the best option can be overwhelming. It’s critical to do your research before you order hair extensions online or head out to buy hair extensions at a store. ZALA is a leader in the hair extension sector, and in this post, I’ll share why I always choose ZALA over other hair extension brands. 

High-Quality, 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions
Whether you choose to go with clip-in, tape-in, weave-in, or halo, each piece of ZALA hair extensions is made of premium quality, 100 per cent Remy human hair. I found these extensions to be soft, versatile, and long-lasting. I can wash, cut, style, and dye them just like my natural hair. The best part is that since the wefts are made of real human hair, they look completely natural. With ZALA extensions, I don’t have to worry about shedding and tangling, which I have found to be more common with synthetic and non-Remy wefts. 

Perfect, Natural Blending
Unlike most other brands that I have experimented with, ZALA extensions blend perfectly with my own hair, so much so that nobody can tell that I’m wearing extensions. Thanks to the beautiful and seamless blending, I feel more confident with the longer, thicker, and fuller hair. And since they’re made of real Remy human hair, the extensions imitate the movement, bounce, and behaviour of my natural hair.

Watch - Hair Extension Blending Hacks for Natural Looking Results

Double Drawn and Triple Wefted
ZALA extensions feature triple wefted and double drawn designs, allowing for more hair to go in each weft. On top of that, these features ensure that each hair strand is thick from the base to the edges. The hair used in these extensions varies in length (a combo of short and long) to create a natural, layered look. 

These extensions weigh 120 to 300 grams, which means wearing them ensures a full head of hair. To ensure total quality and customer satisfaction, ZALA hair extensions undergo strict quality testing before they’re released for sale.

Multiple Length and Colour Range 
Hair extensions by ZALA are available in many different lengths and colours. The company uses multi-tonal technology to produce a variety of shades, textures, thicknesses, and lengths. As such, I always find length, thickness, and colour matches as closely as possible. Plus, if you’re unsure what colour will suit you, you can use ZALA’s online colour matching service to determine your best match. 

Best Customer Service
ZALA’s customer service is very responsive and helpful. They’re always there to help when it comes to finding the right length and shade before you make a buying decision. The company even offers a 60-day return policy, meaning that you can simply return your extension set with the blue and black seal unbroken if you’re not happy with the colour, texture, or quality of the wefts. 

Hair extensions by many other brands are relatively heavy, which means they can pull on your hair and even strain and damage it, especially if your hair is on the thinner side. But hair extensions from ZALA are light, soft, and silky. I always choose a length and volume based on my natural hair’s condition, and can rest assured that my hair and scalp are safe. The lightweight density and texture ensure a finished look with bounce, body, and elegance.

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