March 28, 2022

A Perfect Combo: Remote Work and Short-Term Rentals

For many of us doing remote job is a dream. I mean who wants to get stuck in traffic while you commute from your home to your workplace? Personally, it takes me 2 hours to get to work and 2 hours to get home. Just imagine the 4 hours I waste every day for commute that I could have used for other important things that I can do.

Even prior to the pandemic, I have known friends who works remotely. And I often wondered, is it really possible to that? There are jobs that allows one to that, yes, like virtual assistants, IT professionals, bloggers and influencers (especially the last two). 

But when the pandemic hit, almost 100 percent of the companies I know were forced to send their employees to work from home and we all realized even some other fields of work that we never thought can work remotely was able to do so. I for example work for a medical equipment and pharmaceutical company that values system security very highly, and we never imagined it would have been feasible for us to work from home, but we were able to do so, and it has been like that for 2 years now.

I have friends who are a couple who has done remote work for 5 years now and they do travel to different countries bringing their work with them. They have traveled to Australia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea and the United States already and they stay there for a month or two. I also have officemates who just last year went to Boracay Island for a couple of weeks and also brought their work with them. Doing remote work or even hybrid work is possible, and no one can convince us otherwise, there are many people who have already proven that. 

In line with this, I also asked my two friends who travel and do remote work at the same time, why and how do they do it. They said that it’s like hitting two birds in one stone: you get to see and discover new places and still earn as is. Mind you, they still do 9-hour shifts, armed only with their laptops and stable internet. 

I also inquired how they find places to stay at; their reply was that they look for short term rentals  online at the city that they plan to visit. Most of the time they search for places that are easily accessible via public transportation and are also near to convenience or grocery stores. A place with a facility that allows them to cook and do their laundry is also a plus. But most especially the rental place should also offer free high-speed internet connection – after all that Is what’s important for them to still do their remote jobs.

If you are planning to do “work from home” kind of work and want to do some travelling on the side, I suggest you look for locations that are more urban especially if you plan to stay for a month or two. For those who have virtual assistant, IT or content creation work, places like New York or San Diego in the US are perfect! These locations offer monthly apartment rentals for yuppies like you and me. Not to mention that these places are hubs for technology, arts, fashion, and adventure. 

San Diego is a coastal city with lots of tourist attractions to boot. I mean who doesn’t want to live near beaches? I know I do! Not to mention the weather is always sunny, a perfect place for a girl like me who was born in the tropics! You can even go to Mexico for the weekend from San Diego! And don’t get me started with New York! Oh, the museums and galleries that you can visit, the food, Dumbo, Brooklyn Bridge and a lot more! It’s a vibrant city with a melting pot of cultures that wont eave you empty for things to do and places to visit!

My friend also added: “Opting for short term rentals is cheaper than staying in a low-cost hotel. It also gives you a sense of home and comfort that a hotel room cannot provide.” If that doesn’t convince you to choose an apartment rental when you’re doing remote work abroad, then I don’t know what can.

I have always dreamed of working remotely and doing some traveling, just imagine that you can just wake up a few minutes before the working day starts and you also don’t need to dress up for work if you work remotely! Plus I can get to see new places that has been long standing in my travel wishlist!

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