March 14, 2022

Easiest Instruments To Play While Singing – A Guide For Aspiring Vocalists

It's not uncommon to find a singer who can play an instrument or two, in fact, it is something that's encouraged. As a vocalist, playing an instrument offers you many advantages including grasping melody, harmony, and rhythm. You also understand notes easily and the instruments help with your composition and songwriting. But I'm sure you already know this otherwise you wouldn't be here reading this article today.

What you really want to know, is what instruments you can easily play while singing. Of course, wind instruments like the Yamaha Clarinet are out of the question. You'll need your mouth to play the instrument as well as sing, which you obviously can't do simultaneously. That doesn't mean, however, that you are limited to choice. In this article, I will share with you the seven easiest instruments you can play and sing at the same time.

The Piano
This is a common choice for most musicians. For starters you only need your fingers to play, so you can easily sing while at it. Another reason it's a favorite for most musicians is that it fits into a wide variety of music genres, from classic to pop. The piano is sufficient enough to be the only accompaniment you have, especially in a solo performance. What's better, once you've completely mastered the art of playing the piano, let alone singing while playing, you can play this instrument easily even in your sleep.

The Classical Guitar
 Another common choice for many, don’t believe me, try walking through the street or subways and let me know what most of the singers who perform there are using. Like the piano, the guitar also fits into many genres of music especially pop. If you are looking to do solo performances, especially acoustic music, learning how to play the guitar will pay off for you. 

If you've seen an electric guitar then you're are familiar with what a bass. Both belong to the same family and have a close resemblance only bass is has a longer neck with 4-6 strings. The beauty about the bass is that in a solo performance it is enough to sound like you have an entire band accompanying you. What's more, you can play so many songs with just a single note. It is especially the perfect solo instrument for genres like jazz, funk, and different styles of rock music.

This may seem like an unlikely choice, especially because of the belief that playing the violin requires maximum concentration. It is true, but what you don't know is that singing is encouraged while learning to play this instrument. It helps master tone, notes, and melodies. So, singing with a violin is the perfect accompaniment. Also don't worry, just because you mostly see violins played in the classic orchestra doesn't mean that you have to be a classic vocalist to consider this as an option. While the instrument is good for classic music, you can also incorporate it in genres like pop or jazz. A bonus? Imagine how unique you'll look doing a solo performance with a violin instead of the classic choices of piano or guitar.

A close relative of the violin and another great choice is the Cello. Granted it is much larger than the violin but that doesn't make it any less great for playing while singing. Like the violin, it's not just great for classic music, you can also incorporate it into many genres like jazz and soul or even pop music. Also, because you don't need your mouth to play it, singing while playing will be a breeze once you've mastered the art of the instrument.

I'm not sure why I have always had a bias for harps. Perhaps it's because growing up it was always associated with angels. Or maybe it has to do with its soothing melodious music. Either way, my bias has nothing to do with why this instrument made it to this list. It is a great accompaniment while singing, especially if you are going for a more mellow and soothing performance. Like the violin and cello, you won’t find many musicians playing this instrument. So, if you want to stand out, here’s another great choice.

Bongo drums
I would have included the percussion drum set in this list, but I realize how loud they can be and how possible it is to overpower your voice in a solo performance. Also, while they are great for beats, they do need quite a lot of concentration believe it or not. So, the next best alternative for a nice beat to accompany your singing, how about the bongo drums. Their beats are softer and unlikely to overpower your voice. They are a versatile instrument and easy to play, and I love how they always give me beach vibes when I hear them. 

There you have it, 7 easy instruments you can play while singing. Try one out and see if it works for you. All the best!

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  1. as a teenager, i dreamt of learning how to play the guitar. i tried, i got my own guitar pa nga, pero parang ayaw din sakin hahaha! i pray that my coco will learn how to play <3

  2. yes, the very commonly used instrument is guitar, I really wanted to learn play this instrument.


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