June 11, 2022

Foolproof Advice on Hair Growth: Make Your Hair Thick and Shiny Again

It seems that recently, more and more people are experiencing hair loss, especially women. There are numerous causers that are being speculated, one of the biggest being stress and hormonal imbalance. Even so, there are things you can do to help your hair grow.


Mind your diet
To have beautiful thick hair, you must feed it both from the inside and outside. You must make sure that you are getting all the necessary nutrients through your meals, since you can’t “self-care” your way through a bad diet. This means that restrictive weight loss diets can eventually cause your hair to stop growing, or even fall out, due to a lack of essential micronutrients. You should be eating plenty of healthy fats, fruit and vegetables, and most importantly – protein. A high-protein diet will make your hair grow faster and fuller.

Encourage blood flow with massages
Even though you may be eating the right food, it will do you no good if you have poor blood circulation in your scalp. Avoid wearing tight buns and ponytails for extended periods of time, since the weight of your hair can pull on your edges and cause them to thin out. Also, give your scalp some love while you are in the shower. Massage the shampoo in with your fingers in circular motions. That way you will get a thorough cleaning with only one shampooing, and you will increase the blood flow through your scalp, as well.


Avoid over styling
Heat can cause a lot of damage to your hair. Curling and straightening irons, blow-dryers, and hot showers all strip your hair of its natural oils and can cause breakage and dullness. It has been proven that heat protectants can help prevent the damage, especially if you are someone that cannot avoid styling your hair with heat. Moreover, keep your showers cool and gentle, and air dry your hair a s much as possible, at least during summer.   


Consider supplementation
For more severe cases, there are always supplements you can take for promoting hair growth, enhancing its shine and fullness, and preventing hair loss. There are dozens of edible and topical hair growth supplements you can take, from collagen capsules, biotin capsules, hair-essential vitamins, to caffeine elixirs, various drops and medicinal shampoos and moisturizers. But be careful with supplementation, since too much of it can actually have an opposite effect. It is important that you speak to a dermatologist if your problem is severe.


Go easy on the chemicals
Heavy chemicals that are found in dyes and bleaches can severely dry out and damage your hair. Not only that, but they can change your hair texture as well. If you are looking for a change and would like to start dyeing your hair, always go to a professional and use the products they recommend. Most cases of fried hair happen when DIY bleaching goes wrong. Your hairdresser will do a swatch test to see if your hair can handle the bleach. In the meantime, it is always better to dye your hair as closest to your natural color as possible.


Shampoo less
As we mentioned earlier, you should try to shampoo your hair as little as possible. Even if it means having a day or two when your hair is a bit greasy, your hair will thank you. The scalp’s natural oils are what keep your hair shiny and resilient, and stripping them away makes your hair fragile and prone to falling out. To help combat this, use mild shampoos that do not lather too much, since the chemicals that produce a lot of lather tend not to be good for your hair. You can even dilute your shampoos with water to make them milder.

The most important component you can implement in your daily hair routine is patience. Sure, vitamins, mild shampoos, heat protectants, and the right diet can take you far, but it takes time and patience to see results. Stress is another major contributor to hair loss, and if you stress constantly about your hair, you will surely do more harm than good.

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