June 5, 2022

Let's Talk About Modest Swimwear

It is a known fact that women come in all body shapes and sizes, each possess a beauty of their own – beauty comes in all size and shape. There is no such thing as preferred or average or typical type. Some maybe tall, some maybe small. Some maybe slender and some may be curvier. We are all different, and that’s what’s makes each of us women unique. If we were all the same, don’t you think that life would be such a bore? Just imagine every woman looks the same and have the same body types? That would be like a scene from a science fiction dystopian movie scene. And that is pretty scary.


Yes, I agree that sometimes it doesn’t necessarily have to do with religion or culture. There are women who may have grown up traditional but later on become unorthodox by choice and/or vice versa. There are also women that follow a quite strict guidelines when it comes to presenting themselves in public and by the way they dress up, and that should be respected, just like how we respect other women if they want to wear skimpy or revealing clothes because it is their choice and they feel good and empowered in that way.

Unlike most Western or Asian women, majority of Muslim women are not allowed to show too much skin in public. This is why they use modest swimwear  or otherwise known as burkinis, when they enjoy the outdoors that involves water, like the pool or the beach. Burkinis are swimwear used by most Muslim women and most often than not, they are made of the same material like other swimsuits. This type of swimwear usually covers the arms, legs and hair which shows modesty and respect to their faith.

Besides body shapes, sizes and height, we women also have our different cultures and beliefs. You may be conservative or ultra-modern depending on the values and belief system that you were raised in. Your culture and traditions can also affect that. Our choice of clothing and style may also be affected by those mentioned. 

Just like normal swimsuits, these burkinis also comes in different styles and print, because who says Muslim women cant be stylish and modest at the same time? My sister, who is a fashion designer, worked for sometime in the middle east, and I kid you not, she has told me dozens of stories and showed me photos of the clothes that she designed and made for Muslim women in the country she worked in, and they are the prettiest and most intricate apparel I’ve seen. And they’re wearing them sometimes on normal occasion or on casual days, think about Ellie Saab’s designs if you want to picture that in yur head. Don’t underestimate Muslim women, as they are one of the most glamorous women in the world.

So, when you see another woman wearing a burkini, you will know why they are wearing that. After all, our world is diverse, and to quote my favorite pop band BTS during their recent speech  “Taehyung: Everyone has their own history.” and “Yoongi: It's not wrong to be different, equality begins when we open up and embrace all of our own differences.” She respects you wearing that two-piece swimsuit, you should respect her wearing her burkini.

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