September 1, 2022

How successful Cristiano Ronaldo has been at "Juventus"

Cristiano Ronaldo spent 3 seasons at "Juventus" from 2018 to 2021. This time proved to be controversial for the club. By the way, you can in 1xBet app mobile download and bet through it on all confrontations involving the “Old Lady” and earn on them.

Ronaldo was moving to "Turin" in 2018 as a Golden Ball winner and a man who had just won three consecutive Champions Leagues. "Juventus" was aiming to win the main club tournament of the Old World. Therefore, such an alliance looked quite logical.

However, "Juventus" only regressed in the Champions League with Ronaldo. The team constantly crashed out at the ¼ and ⅛ finals. And the "offenders" of the "Old Lady" were not the strongest clubs:

- Ajax

- Lyon

- Porto

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As for Ronaldo, he was habitually good in the Champions League. It was his goals that turned out to be the only goals for "Juve" in the playoffs of 2019 and 2020. However, many attribute this to the fact that the Turin side had to restructure its tactics for Cristiano and the other players simply could not realize their potential. In any case, over three years, the team has certainly not become stronger. And it has certainly fallen out of the cohort of clubs who are considered to be the main contenders to win the Champions League. However, whether that is Ronaldo's fault is debatable.

The club's results in Serie A

Do not forget that before the arrival of the Portuguese, "Juventus" was the undisputed leader of Italian soccer. By the way, it is easy to follow Serie A on the website of a trusted office. 1xBet Philippines online covers all the confrontations from the world of this championship.

During Ronaldo's first two seasons in Italy, "Juventus" won Serie A without any problems, but the Portuguese himself failed to become the league's top scorer. In the final campaign of 2020/2021, however, the team suffered a setback. "The Old Lady" finished only fourth. And it was possible to qualify for the Champions League only in the closing stages of the campaign. On the other hand, Ronaldo's personal achievements were encouraging. He was Serie A's top scorer.

This is another contradiction that makes it impossible to give an unequivocal assessment of Cristiano's stay in Italy. Yes, it is impossible to call it a complete success. But he still scored 101 goals for "Juventus", won two championships and the Italian Cup. However, last season the team clearly slowed down and it eventually led to Cristiano's decision to leave the team.

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