September 21, 2022

Unlock the Power of your DNA with Circle DNA!

I’ve always been curious about my ancestry; I want to know if I’m pure Southeast Asian or I have in my DNA some other race. Most people use DNA analysis to check ancestry or paternity/maternity, but did you know that you can know more about a lot of things about you besides that? Also, as a registered nurse who believes greatly, that prevention is better than cure, I also want to know my disease risk so I can somehow prevent it and modify my lifestyle to a healthier one! 

I’ve seen this DNA analysis kit and service: CircleDNA, while watching Korean Englishman on Youtube and got so curious! I have found out that CircleDNA Premium is the most comprehensive DNA test in the industry. It’s made to understand everything your genes can tell you about your disease risk, optimal diet & nutrition, even family planning and a lot more! Not to mention it is one of the cheapest, easily accessible and reliable DNA test kit in the market today. 

There are 3 types of Circle DNA Test KitsCircle Premium, Circle Vital, Circle Health, Circle Family Planning; but I got myself the Circle Premium. The CircleDNA Premium Kit looks so high-end with its sleek packaging. It contains a collection kit, instructions, bracelet and return courier packet.

Why you should choose CircleDNA: 
✅ World’s Most Comprehensive DNA Test
✅ 99.9% Analytical Accuracy
✅ At-Home Testing Kit
✅ Data Safe & Secure
✅ Free 1 on 1 Consultations
✅ Personalized Diet, Nutrition, Fitness Plans
✅ 500+ Reports 20 Categories
✅ Free Delivery & Return
✅ 50,000+ Happy Customers

Moreover, unlocking the power of your DNA is as easy as 1-2-3!
1. Download the CircleDNA app and activate your kit
2. Perform swabbing to collect sample and put sample in container
3. Put sample back in shipping packet, drop to courier or schedule pick up with courier and wait for your results to appear on the app (takes about 18 business days) 

So, I recently got my results back and I’m going to tell you how astounded I am with the results!

For my ANCESTRY: I'm 53% Chinese, 28% Vietnamese and only 18% Filipino (along with other SE Asian races)! I am so shookt to find these results because I thought there would be some Castillian race in there somewhere especially with my mom's side of the family looks super mestizos and mestizas (they're from the Villareals of Aklan) and on my father side grandma- Arellano, grandpa- Santana/Maranan. I wouldn’t have thought I have more Chinese blood in me than Castilian. I mean, there’s a big possibility because the Chinese are part of the Philippines’s history even before we were conquered by the West. And I don’t look like Chinese at all. There are Filipinos who are so obviously Filipino-Chinese with their looks and their last names, but never in another universe I thought I would be a Chinese-Filipino, to be honest. It’s shocking, but I am so amazed of this discovery! If I never took the CircleDNA test, I would have never known. 

For the DISEASE RISK part of the DNA analysis, although both sides of my family have asthma, Diabetes Mellitus II, Hypertension and other cardiac problems, my DNA says it's less likely I would suffer much on those when I grow old, but I must look out for my carb intake (ok breaking up with rice and bread then!) because that might cause some trouble in the long run. 

Moreover, I am happy to know that I don’t have breast cancer risk or of any type of cancer. I don’t know anyone from both sides of my family who suffered from cancer, but even though I have low risk of having it, I should also make sure to take care of my health because a poor lifestyle and poor stress-handling might also cause some risk that may later on result to cancer. 

Other noteworthy findings include my DIET which is surprisingly very accurate. But when it comes to the lactose tolerance, I didn’t know that I am likely intolerant. I just thought that when I eat dairy, it upsets my stomach easily and that I need to go to the comfort room immediately. 

For SPORTS AND FITNESS, I found out that based on my genetic results, my strength dominance suggests that I could benefit from training that places a higher priority on strength-based activities and that includes boxing. I love boxing! When I still was into getting fit, it was one of the sports that I do at the gym. I guess I need to get back to it!

With regards to STRESS AND SLEEP, my results were pretty normal, even though these past couple of weeks, I haven’t gotten enough sleep. With my capacity to deal with stress, my report says that I am a warrior. Well, I kind of know that but honestly, I get stressed easily but maybe I am able to handle it well. 

My SUCCESS Traits were pretty much all normal except that with Educational Attainment it says I am above average and that with Information Processing Power I am Gifted! Wow!

With the analysis of my SKIN, I am happy to find out that my skin age is Younger! Haha! Well I guess that's part of my Asian ancestry because as you know, the saying goes "Asian don't raisin'..." -- which means Asians don't age pretty easily. Well, I would like to thank all the Korean beauty products that I've been using, they're effective, I guess! 

Another thing that amazed with my results is the finding about my DRUG/MEDICATION RESPONSE. It detailed all the medication that I might take that I would likely to have an adverse reaction to. With that information, I will surely be on the lookout if ever I encounter those medicines or if they will be prescribed to me. 

By choosing Circle Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) or DNA Analysis, I have joined countless individuals who have had life-changing experiences due to the priceless data provided by genetic testing. You can also do the same! Check out CircleDNA to kickstart your journey, and to empower yourself with valuable and actionable health and wellness insights so that you can make better choices, for you!

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