January 19, 2023

Beauty And Fashion Come In All Shape And Sizes

God didn’t create women to be the same, like every person in the world is unique. For me personally, if the world would be that all the person are the same, I will find it a really boring world to live in. I’m glad women comes in all shapes and sizes and different with each other – their likes, their style, their abilities, and all that what-nots. 


Body image change from time to time. In the past, like in the renaissance era, women who have more flesh or curves on them were found sexier than those who are slender. As time passes, society favored those who are skinny – especially when the boom of fashion supermodels came to age. 

When it comes to fashion, it’s sometimes hard to fit in some standards that the world has imposed. There was a time that size 0 was the thing and plus size women are having a hard time to look fashionable because there was a limitation to the clothes or style that they can wear. 

I’m glad that nowadays, people are more aware and accepting that creating apparel that sizing is not limited to Small to Large. As time passes by sizing options have been extended and there are a lot of brands who offer more styles with more sizing to women all over the world. 


One of the sites that you can find stylish clothes from size XS to XXXL is Wholesale21 clothing! I have bought from this site before, and I was a size S-M at that time, and I was satisfied with their sizing as they deliver true-to-size. Because if I am going to be honest, some online shops do not conform to standard sizes. Like there are sites that offer medium to large clothing but when they arrive to you, the clothes are like XS to S. I don’t know if it’s just that they are trying to be economical by making smaller clothes so they can make more or what. It’s my pet peeve with most online shops because they don’t follow the international standard sizing. 

Plus size women would use to just settle for less stylish clothes back then, but now they can find plus size womens dresses that are fashionable, in trend and that will suit their stylish sense. Thanks to sites like Wholesale21 that understands that women come in all shapes and sizes and not just stick-thin model sizes!

I took the time to browse through their sites and found some really great pieces that plus size women would really like!



Also, there are those women, who are neither on the slender side or plus size, the in-betweens like myself. To expound further, there are women that are large in the bust area or with the hip area, they don’t fit in petite sizes, nor they fall to the plus size category either. In this case, getting the petite size is not an option. Women like that, and like myself who are busty and have large hips and thighs would usually go for the plus size and will just have the clothes altered or tailored to fit them. It’s better to get the larger size so you have room for alteration than getting the smaller or regular size but no opportunity to have them sewn or altered to fit you perfectly. 


My hope is that more and more brands will open their minds and accept the fact that small sizing doesn’t fit all women because after all, women were made in all shapes and sizes. But at the end of the day, it is always about working on yourself and being content no matter the shape and size you are!

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  1. We are all beautiful whatever shapes and sizes we are!
    Relate talaga ako dito before when i was xxl ata ung sizes ko,ang hirap maghanap ng kakasya sa akin buti may shop nag ooffer ng plus size
    And we are same na hoping may iba naman brand and shops na mag oopen about dito !


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