January 5, 2023

Inspiring Ways You Can Transform Old Furniture

Every year millions of pieces of furniture end up discarded in landfills, thanks to our consumerist fast-fashion mindset. Unfortunately, most of these pieces could be salvaged with just a little effort and extra love. So, before you throw out that well-used sofa or that old dresser your grandmother left you, maybe consider giving it a modern makeover instead. Even if you don’t have old furniture of your own, there are plenty of places where you can buy second-hand furniture you can easily transform.


Where to look for old furniture
If you feel like giving DIY a shot, but you don’t have any old furniture lying around, there are plenty of places here in Australia where you can get some for a bargain. Cruise your local thrift stores, flea markets or antique shops for high quality gems, or browse the internet for ads on Craigslist. You can even hunt for treasure on local Facebook community pages. Also, don’t underestimate yard sales and estate sales, who knows what gems you may find there. Just make sure the pieces are high quality, like solid wood or metal, and be careful when looking for structural damages. Missing hardware and chips aren’t that problematic, but a rotten frame is pretty much unsalvageable.

Think about your needs
We recommend planning ahead before you buy any new pieces, or else you just might end up throwing it away. Know the measurements of your living space, know what can and can’t fit, and know the limitations of your home. The last thing you want is to buy a piece that can’t fit into its designated space, or it simply can’t fit through the door. That’s why you should plan before buying larger pieces. Also, inform yourself on the methods you can use to restore that particular piece.

When it comes to old upholstered furniture, think wisely if you’re up for the task. It can be much trickier than first meets the eye. If you’re a beginner DIY-er, the best furniture to begin with are cushioned dining chairs. They’re not too complicated to handle, and you only have the seating cushion to reupholster. Just remove the old cushion after taking the old fabric off. Just simply unscrew the old cushion from the seating, and use it as a template for the new fabric. If you’re in Australia, you can find a fantastic fabric store in Sydney that has a wide range of fabrics suitable for upholstery. You can completely change the appearance of your dining room simply by changing the fabric on your chairs. After that, you can begin taking on bigger projects, like old couches, armchairs and sofas. Just make sure to do your research and choose the right fabrics.


Wooden Furniture
Us Aussies have some fantastic antique solid-wood furniture that is often left overlooked in some attic, collecting dust. With wooden pieces there are plenty of things you can do to completely change the finishing look. You can keep its original finish, stain it a different hue, or completely repaint the piece a different color. If you like the original look of the piece, but feel like the veneer is too damaged, get a stripping solution and brush it on. Wait for the finish to bubble and scrape it off. Then spray mineral spirits to remove any traces of old paint or finish. You can either brush it over with clear finish, or you can stain it a darker tone with wood stain. Alternatively, you can also prep the stripped furniture for repainting, if you feel like the piece would look better like that. There are countless paints and finishes to choose from, and countless designs you can do. Just go to Pinterest for inspiration.

Think outside the box
When it comes to old pieces of furniture, you sometimes have to think outside the box. Maybe some old pieces are not appropriate anymore for their original use, like an old bed frame that’s practically collapsed in on itself and cannot be repaired. However, what if the headboard is perfectly fine? You can think of another use for that headboard, like maybe attaching it to a new frame, or even repurposing it for something else – like a garden chair or bench. Similarly, an old closet door can become the perfect backdrop for a mirror, and window frames you can practically upcycle any piece of furniture, or its part, you just have to be creative enough.

Making your own DIY projects with old furniture can be a fun experience for your whole family, and you can even turn it into a side hustle if you’re good enough at it. Take some time to research what you can and can’t do with different materials, and just let your imagination run wild.

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