August 31, 2013


Since it has been raining in Manila for the past couple of weeks now, I can't help but think about sunny days at the beach and owing it to the fact that I haven't got the chance to travel to the beach this year. It's already August and a few more months, 2013 will be over soon. I hope that this year won't pass without me having to travel because that would totally suck. I've recently felt nostalgic and went through all the photos saved in my desktop computer and came across our travel to Cebu and Bohol; and realized that I was not able to make a blog post out of that trip. So even if it's loooong over due, I'm doing it now!

I have been to Cebu and Bohol twice, one was in 2010 and the second was in 2012. Cebu-Bohol was always a tandem trip, well that's my excuse of not being able to book any flights straight to Bohol Tagbilaran airport, many failed attempts. There are more promo flights going to Cebu than Bohol, plus  it's only a 1 hour ferry ride to go to Bohol from Cebu.

Btw, click on the Destinations Names' Link (usually texts in purple color) to know more about these places.


My second trip to Cebu and Bohol was also a tandem trip. But this time I was with 2 of my best college friends who are back in Manila, from the U.S., for a vacation. We have been planning for such a trip since we were in college and this was the only time we were able to make this happen.

Our flight was at night time so when we landed in Cebu, we opted to just stay in one of Cebu's backpackers' hotel: Sugbutel. We just to spent the night at Sugbutel since we will be off  to Bohol, again by ferry, the following morning. The hotel room (no pictures though) is pretty decent and clean..though it was quite small. Sugbutel also has dormitory-type rooms but we didn't want to avail of that because we needed the privacy; plus we have too many luggage for this  trip, none of us are light packers you know...

It was quite a memorable night because we did a lot of catching up. This was pure girl-bonding and soul searching for the three of us. Our mini version of "eat-pray-love" as we like to call it.

The next morning we went to Bohol aboard a ferry, on the earliest ferry ride schedule. We were greeted by our tour guide who took us straight  to the tourists spots in Bohol.

Our first stop was the Blood Compact Statue, since it is just along the way to our other destinations:

Then to Baclayon Church. This church is considered to be one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. It is one of the best preserved Jesuit-build churches in the region, although in the 19th century, the Augustinian Recollects added a modern facade and a number of stone buildings that now surround the church. The current building was completed in 1727. The church obtained a large bell in 1835.

This was always part of any Bohol trip. We had a very sumptuous buffet lunch while cruising the river.The buffet this time is better compared to the last time I went on this river cruise.

Next Stop is the Python SanctuaryI was not brave enough to go near the pythons, though my two friends were. We also saw other animals in this sanctuary like iguanas, bats etc.

This is also were you can get the famous Bohol delicacy, peanut kisses. They are peanut candies shaped like Hershey kisses and also resembles the "Chocolate Hills".

Tarsier Conservation Area, Loboc, Bohol
All the Tarsiers were transferred to this conservation area, as what our tour guide told us. This is to put them in a place that really resembles their life in the wild. Entrance fees are minimal and you will have to listen to a mini-seminar before going around. Professional tour guides will also accommodate you as you search for the Tarsiers. And of course, the use of camera flash and touching the Tarsiers are still strictly prohibited.

After the Tarsier Sanctuary we headed off to the town of Carmen where the concentration of the Chocolate Hills are. This probably is my favorite place in Bohol!

this view puts a sincere happiness in my heart

The next stop before we go to the beach resort, where we'll stay until the following day, in Panglao Island, is the Bilar Man-Made Forest; it is a forest stretching in a two-kilometer distance of densely planted Mahogany trees located in the border of Loboc and Bilar towns.

This will remind you scenes from Twilight. You will pass by it on your way to Chocolate Hills.

our driver/tour guide directing our shots ;)

In order to take photos you will need to pull over on the side and somehow risk your life. I'm not exaggerating when I say this, because there are vehicles going back and forth the road. You will have to wait until the highway clears up. But this place is one of the nicest place in Bohol to take photos. BTW, we didn't stop here during our first trip.

After our day tour our tour guide/driver drove us to our beach resort in Panglao Island, which is Dumaluan Beach Resort. --> separate post HERE!

Backtrack my other post about my Cebu-Bohol Trips:

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