August 17, 2013


Our friend's car celebrated its first birthday last June..yes you read it right we celebrate "the day when we get our car from the dealer". We did that too with our Ford Fiesta car which we named Ticoy. And yes we also give a name to our cars... We drove to Angeles Pampanga to have lunch at this humble neighborhood eatery, MILA'S TOKWA'T BABOY,  which one of our Pokerfaces friends have been recommending.

Now, why the title?? For non-Filipinos, "putok-batok" means foods that if you eat might cause you a heart attack or a stroke! You'll figure out what I'm talking about as you scroll down...

Mila's Tokwa't Baboy is just one of those neighborhood eatery that has stood the test of time. They got their popularity simply by word of mouth. A few celebrities have visited and dined here as well. So the buzz about this place might be a true after all, since even famous personalities visit this place.

It has been featured in a couple of famous blogs but I think its popularity isn't at its peak just yet (hey that's just my opinion). I've tried searching for blog reviews about it and only a couple of it were returned after googling it. It probably owes that to the difficulty of finding its location. But I bet it's pretty well-known to Pampangeños since famous Pampangeño chef Claude Tayag mentioned it in one of his articles.

Photos of famous Pinoys who visited Mila's: 
can you spot Imelda Marcos?

Anyway, here are the photos of what the place looks like:



The Menu:

They serve grilled items:

But we were enticed to eat the more "putok-batok" ones! Lol! If you want to set aside the guilt and just eat your way to fatty and greasy food Mila's Tokwa't Baboy is definitely the destination.

Here's what we ordered:
Crispy Ulo- which is not the head but just the cheek part

chicharon bulaklak (intestines)


Everything is good especially the crispy ulo, which is actually the "panga" or the cheek of a pig! The skin is so crispy but it slowly melts in your mouth and the fat as well; the meat part is very tender too!

Everything that we ordered definitely delivered! RVL even went for a third serving of rice! So that pretty much explains how good the food is!

All in all Sparky's birthday celebration was a blast! Although it was our bellies that are in nirvana! Hahahaha!

Btw, I'll try creating a map/direction to Mila's Tokwa't Baboy.. But if you get lost though,just ask around the area...for sure locals know where to point you at..

NLEX--> ANGELES EXIT--> ROTONDA--> go straight ahead  PANDAN ROAD --> left to McARTHUR HIGHWAY-->  Along McArthur Highway you will see a Honda Motorcycle store,beside it is an arch that reads BARANGAY STO DOMINGO--> enter that street and turn right at the very end --> Turn right --> Mila’s Tokwa’t Baboy

San Antonio St., San Angelo Subd., Sto. Domingo
Angeles City, Pampanga

Thanks for reading! Until next time! :)

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  1. Highly recommended!!! Totally worth the drive especially with good friends!!!

    1. thanks for the comment myk! I wonder where we'll celebrate Sparky's 2nd year ;)


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