November 27, 2013

Boracay 2013 Travel Diary: Real Coffee and Tea Café

I’ve been hearing about Real Coffee and Tea Café from friends and have been reading blog reviews about it as well. During my first Boracay trip, I completely forgot about it, even though I had planned beforehand to include it in our itineraries.  But since we stayed in La Carmela, which is at the far end of Station 2 and Real Coffee was still at Station 1 at that time, considering the walk to get to Station 1 would be too long and I know everyone would feel lazy to stroll that far early in the mornings. Besides, afternoon snacks are mostly reserved for Jonah’s Fruit Shake and grilled street foods (isaw and hotdog yum!).

On our latest trip to Boracay, we didn't have any intentions of checking out Real Coffee, but one time we were looking for the seafood buffet at Station 2 beachfront, we walked all the way past D’Mall and saw the new location of Real Coffee. It is now on the second level above Sea World Diving and is looking across the beach. 

How can that be anymore perfect? Eating breakfast and drinking coffee, while watching the waves hit the shore… One of my morning rituals when I’m on vacation especially on a beach trip, is to make it a point to wake up very early, when most people are still sleeping, so I can enjoy the beach all to myself, and drink coffee while I contemplate on how majestic the view is.

Sorry, I was a bit daydreaming there… So, anyway, going back to Real Coffee; the ultimate reason why we decided to try it out is  because we were curious on what’s the fuss about its infamous “Calamansi muffin” (a variety of lime). So on the morning of our last day in Boracay, we headed to Real Coffee to have breakfast and to finally taste the calamansi muffin. We were ushered by one of the staff in one of the corner tables just beside the kitchen counter/bar area and handed us the menu.

When we asked for the calamansi muffins, the waitress told us that they don’t have them and that one must call in advance to order since they now usually sell it by box and only if there are unclaimed orders that they serve the muffins individually. We were like “what the….???” We went there salivating like a dog (exaggerating here) just for the calamansi muffins and that’s what they’re going to tell us?! Well I for sure was a little bit pissed… My mind was set on just having the calamansi muffin and coffee for breakfast, but since it was not available, we just ordered something out of the breakfast menu.

This place really gives you the island vibe and atmosphere

Real Coffee and Tea Café serves a variety of breakfast menu, but mostly American and Intercontinental breakfasts. And some of the menu entries already come with free brewed coffee. Well, honestly, for PHP 150-250 for a simple breakfasts that they offer are a bit pricey. We can whip up the same tasting scrambled egg, sunny-side up and pancakes at home. But, we’re in Boracay, and almost nothing is cheap in Boracay.

Nice design concept: Photos of people who visited Real Coffee and Tea

What we ordered were just ok, nothing fancy and nothing to rave about. I took a bite from my friend’s omelet and liked it, it was creamy and cheesy, just like how I prefer my omelet.

Eggs on Toast
Pancake with Two Eggs

What I can rave about Real Coffee and Tea Cafe are two things, the beachfront location/awesome sea view and the coffee. I like how their coffee taste; probably because I rarely drink freshly brewed coffee, and I really enjoy jugging in on good quality coffee. I owe this to the fact I’m use to 3-in-1s and that from our office vendo machine.

I also like the interiors of the cafe; it really gives you that "island vibe and atmosphere". Two good things in life, which I consider: Coffee + Beach! And Real Coffee and Tea Cafe gave me that!

Post Scipt:
On our way home and while waiting to board the plane for Manila, I saw in one of the stores at Caticlan Airport a sign that they were selling "Calamansi Muffin". So I went up to the store staff and asked if it's from Real Coffee, she said yes and I bought just a piece, because it costs almost twice the price from the ones they sell at the cafe itself. My verdict? It was great! Imagine lemon bars but more on the calamansi flavor, that's how it tasted. It's just ironic that we get to taste the infamous Calamansi muffins at the airport and not at Real Coffee & Tea cafe itself.

Real Coffee & Tea Boracay
Staition 2, 2/F Sea World
5608 Boracay, Aklan, Philippines
Store Hours: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Phone: (036) 288 5340
Facebook page:

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