November 2, 2013

I'm Inspired to #GetSassooned

Who doesn’t love free stuff? I love free stuff! And I bet you do too! I don’t know if you guys are familiar with SAMPLEROOM.PH but I’ve been an avid subscriber and social media follower of Sample Room for more than a year now.

Sample Room is Philippines' first ever beauty and lifestyle sampling website. It is an interactive community that offers FREE samples, localized product reviews and where all beauty lovers are valued. All you need to do is register and review the samples to earn points. They cater to both well-known international and our very own local brands.

I’ve been always on the look-out for the latest Sample Room offerings. Throughout the past year I’ve hauled a lot of sample products from them. I like it that sometimes they even give out the full-size of a certain product, and all you need to do is just pay for the shipping, which is usually 100 peso bucks, that’s more or less than US$2, and the item you’re getting is worth around a thousand peso. Not bad at  all right? And totally liked everything I’ve received from them. Most of the time, I think of those as gifts or freebies rather than samples.

Here are some of my hauls from Sample Room 
(some I was not able to take photos, I have a total of 11 Sample Room hauls)

A few weeks ago, I’ve been seeing teaser posts and receiving email invites by Sample Room for their next offering.

I didn't have any idea what they’re coming up with. Until they revealed that it was Vidal Sassoon hair care products!

I remember Vidal Sassoon back in the 90’s; our relatives from the US would usually send them to us or include them in the balikbayan boxes that they sent. Kinda nostalgic right? 

Technology is evolving and beauty and hair care products are recipients of this innovations, thus Vidal Sassoon is one of those that won’t pass the opportunity to join the bandwagon.


We all know that distribution of Vidal Sassoon products have somewhat seized its existence in the Philippines; but it’s finally back and  we’re all in for a treat! Sample Room is giving us a chance to try Vidal Sassoon’s new hair care line! And because technology is evolving and beauty and hair care products are recipients of this innovations, thus Vidal Sassoon is one of those that won’t pass the opportunity to join the bandwagon.  But Before I show you my haul and give out my thoughts about the products, let me share with you what I learned from Sample Room’s blog about the new Vidal Sassoon’s hair care line.

Vidal Sassoon Premium Base Care Series

Vidal Sassoon Premium Base Care Shampoo + Conditioner Series is for all hair types. Premium Base Care moisturizes and covers each strand of hair with elasticity for effortlessly lifted styles (Basically it moisturizes and covers the hair with a thin protective layer that soothes frizz)

-RTB / Technology:
-- Amino Salon Essence: Deeply penetrates into hair and targets and helps repair the most damaged parts of hair
-- Dual Surfactant Formula:– Enables deep moisturization of every strand of hair – for hair that’s manageable and easy to style

Vidal Sassoon Premium Base Care Treatment nourishes and helps repair hair damage, like damage due to hair coloring.

Vidal Sassoon Premium Color Care Series

Vidal Sassoon Premium Color Care Shampoo + Conditioner Series is specially formulated for colored hair. It contains specially formulated ingredients that help hair damage due to coloring, while retaining vibrant color and enhancing shine. 

-Transparent Veil Technology that helps repair visible hair damage due to coloring, retain vibrant color and enhance shine.

Vidal Sassoon Premium Color Care Treatment helps retain vibrant colour and enhance shine.

Sizes and Prices:
Full size: 190ml / 480ml
Price: PHP 199 / PHP 459
Sample Size: 1 bottle of 190ml

Full size: 184ml / 470ml
Price: PHP 199 / PHP 459
Sample Size: 1 bottle of 184ml

Full size: 169ml
Price: PHP 199
Sample Size: 1 bottle of 169ml

So once I saw that Vidal Sassoon hair care products are up for grabs at, I immediately ordered mine. Here’s my Vidal Sassoon haul from Sample Room:

I have colored and chemically treated hair since 2008, name any treatment that comes in mind, I probably have tried it.  I also, most often than not, blow dry or iron my hair just to lessen the frizz and straighten it out. I find it quite expensive to have my hair get treated twice or once a month in the salon. So I’m always in search for hair care products that I can use on a regular basis and are true to its promise, not just those that only look good in TV ads. Thank God for sampling websites like Sample Room! Wherein you can try out a product first, see if it works, then decide if you’ll buy it after you’ve finished the sample and if you’re satisfied with the results or effects.

I ordered both the Premium Color Care and Premium Base Care Sets (Shampoos, Conditioners and Treatments) because the two lines address the problems which I am having with my hair. I alternately use each set believing that I will achieve maximum results by using both series.

Since my hair is damaged through years of color, chemical and heat treatment, most of the time if I just use a regular shampoo and conditioner, it’s hard to comb my hair because it isn’t that smooth. Plus with the humidity we have in this country, if I step out of the house without drying my hair first, it always frizz up and the hair strands look limp and lifeless. I like that Vidal Sassoon Premium Base Care Series repairs, moisturizes and reduces frizz.

I recently went on a beach trip and was under the sun and in the water for most of the time, so imagine how much harm that caused to my hair. So when I got back from that trip, I used the products as substitute from a hair treatment that I would usually avail at the salon. I was amazed of the effects that the Vidal Sassoon Premium Base Care Series did to my hair, especially that I don't need to spend for any other treatment at all! After a couple of washes with the Premium Base Care Series, I noticed that it really did minimized frizz and it my hair has become soft to touch and easy to comb (even if I didn’t blow-dried it). I also like that my hair has more body now than it used to.

I also availed of the Vidal Sassoon Premium Color Care Series. Like I said, I have dyed my hair over and over again, and this has greatly contributed with the damaging of my hair. I only use regular conditioners and sometimes I feel that they don't work at all. Whenever I run my fingers through my hair, they felt coarse. After a few times of using the Premium Color Care Series, I noticed that my hair is shinier, smoother and more manageable. When it comes to color retention, that I still have to find out, probably with continued use I'll be able to see the effects. 

And oh, I forgot to mention how fresh and light the scent of the products, no heavy fragrance or over-powering smell at all! So far I’m enjoying the results of the latest Vidal Sassoon Premium Hair Care Series!

Sample Room is giving us a chance to try Vidal Sassoon’s new hair care line! Hurry and visit to get yours ASAP before supplies run out!

While you're at it, join the #GetSassooned campaign! Let Sample Room and Vidal Sassoon Philippines know what you think of the VS Premium Care Series by answering this question: " I am inspired to #GetSassooned because ___________ "

Here's my thoughts on that:

"I am inspired to #GetSassooned because I want nothing to hinder me from nourishing the creative side of me while being successful in the corporate world as well; reaching success in both fields with a crowning glory to to match!"

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*some photos are lifted from Sample Room's website and Facebook page*

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