January 22, 2014

Be IN with the Street Style with SheInside.com's Early Spring T-Shirts

Spring is probably the best fashion season of the year, because it sets off the tone for fashion for the entire year. Also, some of the clothes you have during Spring season can still be used for Summer and Autumn, it is that versatile! You just need to layer your clothes when it’s Spring and Autumn, and when it’s summer you can just wear them as they are.

For casual and street style clothes, when it’s still Spring, you can opt to wear t-shirts and layer them with cardigans, sweaters, and jackets and add some scarf. When it’s already summer, you can still wear the same apparel and just pair them with more bright color pieces to look fresh and Summer-y.

SheInside.com has recently launched their “Spring T-shirts Collection”; I took the time to browse over the items and I want to share to you guys some of my top picks, that I know for sure you will also love, as much as I do.
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Even if the snow elsewhere in the world is slowly melting causing our land to experience a very unusual cold weather this January to February, we still live in a tropical climate back here in the Philippines, and t-shirts like the Spring T-shirts from SheInside.com would very suitable! Casual t-shirts can still be if hip with  just a matter of styling and pairing it with other apparel items and accessories. You can dress it up by just throwing on a jacket, a scarf or a cardigan over these t-shirts and you’re good to go, simple yet still street-stylish!

They say Springtime is a season of rebirth and rejuvenation. Why not renew your wardrobe as well? SheInside.com is here to deliver you with lovely Spring T-shirts to brighten up your 2014 wardrobe!

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  1. Hi! I just wanted to ask if you have ordered to sheinside before? I stay at the Philippines and I was wondering how long it took for the package to be received?

    1. hello dear first thank you for visiting my blog :-) and yes I've ordered with sheinside.com a couple of times already and I always use standard shipping because it's free... and the package usually arrives 2-3 weeks after I've completed the order. they usually email you the tracking information once the item is shipped. you might want to follow it up too via email just send them a message thru service@sheinside.com...

      also, if you're order is via standard mail expect a notification from your local post office where you will claim your package to avoid customs duty tax please send me an email so I can explain to you how

      here's my email: helloviellobits@gmail.com

  2. Hi! I'm from the Philippines and I wanted to know how long it took for you to get your package from sheinside? I'm a little scared because of the other reviews about sheinside.

    1. hello rehana, standard shipping took 2-3 weeks for my package to arrive. so far all my orders arrived naman... :)


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