January 28, 2014

SheInside.com Pre-Sale

Want to see your favorite SheInside item on a 50% mark down? Like to vote for the items you love and the ones you want to go on sale here: LIKE TO VOTE!

Here are just some of the clothes that you can vote for to go on Pre-Sale:       


Or if you can't wait for these items to go on sale, you can head over to SheInside Design Pre-Sale site now and check out what they're currently offering for half their original prizes! (You can also click the photo and the link below to be redirected to the site.

Here are the items that are on Pre-Sale that you might like:

Just make sure to order them ASAP because stocks are limited and the discount gets lesser once the orders have reached a certain number. Here are the guidelines to better understand on how the SheInside Design Pre-Sale works

I know most are sweaters, but I know they're still useful, since it's still Winter in some parts of the world and Spring can still give us a cold weather. Believe it or not, I live in a tropical country but we've never experienced this much cold weather in years! So I think, I'll be adding some of these items to my wardrobe!

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