January 2, 2014

Prettify You Eyes: XTENSIONS Eyelash Greenhills Review

I don't like bragging and I hate people who brag. But just this once, allow me to somewhat do that.. lol! one of the things that I'm thankful for and is proud to have is having long lashes. It's in the genes! My youngest brother, (yes, you read it right, I said brother) share the same benefit as I do, although his lower lashes are long as his upper lashes that sometimes they meet or overlap. Well, all of my siblings do also have long lashes. I often get asked by people if my lashes are real and I'm proud to say that they are in fact, realHere is one photo of me showing off my eyelashes with no false lashes and just coats of mascara and lucky genes from mama and papa:

But sometimes, I'm just human I don't get contented with what I have and I long for more. Well, what I wanted was for my lashes to look thicker and for me to save time by skipping the application of mascara. So when I came across this group buying website and found a deal that offers eyelash extensions for only Php 250 with a real value of Php 1,000; I couldn't let the chance just pass and purchased it right away.

My deal voucher included a one-time application for Glamorous Eyelash Extensions from Xtensions Vira Mall Greenhills Shopping Center Branch.

I used to have problems with some of the voucher deals I've purchased in the past for services like these. But setting up an appointment with Xtensions didn't cause me any. The staff who answered my call and booked my appointment was courteous. 

So one Sunday afternoon after watching Pacquiao defeat Rios, I went to Xtensions to avail of the coupon I purchased. I'm very familiar with Greenhills Vira Mall thus I didn't have a hard time looking for the establishment. The Greenhills branch is at the 4th level of Vira Mall

I love how posh the eyelash salon's interiors are; the minimalist pink, white and black interior design of Xtensions is very cozy and accommodating. A few people was there to avail of their services so it was quiet and peaceful that I almost dozed off while the staff was applying the eyelash extensions. 

I was greeted by one of the staff and after verifying the voucher that I printed out, I was led inside room where they do the application of the eyelash extensions.

I'm glad that Xtensions staff are very knowledgeable and professional, they were also very nice. It took around 45 minutes to almost an hour to put the eyelash extensions on both of my eyes and I waited a couple more minutes for the glue to dry. The staff instructed me to avoid getting the lashes wet for the next 12 hours for the glue to dry properly, which I followed whole-heartedly.

What I availed was the GLAMOROUS type, where 100 mink lashes were applied on each eye. Here are the other types of eyelash extensions that Xtensions is offering:

I think what I availed is just enough to brighten my eyes and make my lashes thicker. Here's the before and after:



I had my lash extensions done on November 23, 2013 and it lasted a week before New Year. I think the span of time that I enjoyed them was fair enough because eyelash extensions usually lasts for 2-3 weeks and mine were still ok for more than a month. I experienced fall outs almost every week but didn't bother to keep the mink lashes for me to have them re-applied. I believed mine lasted that long because I took care of them properly. I avoided rubbing them and was very careful every time I wash my face. 

I'm very pleased of the output that I received from Xtensions. I hope they'll have another batch of deal up at Groupon so I can avail of them again and purchase two vouchers with touch ups next time.

By the way, Xtensions also offer other services like hair extensions and Eyebrow Cloning (the first of its kind here in the Philippines and which I want to avail in the future).

For the prices and types of eyelash extensions at Xtensions, check the link below:

Also, you can visit their website and Facebook page to know more about their other services, details of their products and branches, links are posted below.

Xtensions Eyelash-Hair-Eyebrow Extensions Salon
Contact Nos:
Greenhills - 5606195 or 3849197
Pasay - 3851817
Caloocan - 3852442
Bacolod - 7032002 / 09437030588  
Mobile Number: 0928 710 0009

*some photos are lifted from Xtensions' Facebook page and website*

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