February 24, 2014

AHAIshopping Haul + Review

AHAIshopping is one of the first web clothing store that I’ve come to love and visit regularly. They were also one of the generous stores that allowed me to hold my second giveaway and I am very thankful about that because that generated additional followers and likers of my blog.

AHAIshopping stands for “all hers, all inspiring” and was founded late 2011. It is a growing and has become one of the leaders of high fashion online stores. The company is based in Hong Kong, and  offers over 100 branded and own label product lines across women's wear, accessories, jewelry and beauty products, which are always changing and always in style. Ahaishopping.com team commits to provide ladies of all classes, with the most trendy and fabulous pieces in affordable prices. Ahai is an ideal brand to for girls who wants to look classy and fabulous. Ahaishopping.com also offers Free Shipping Worldwide and 30 Days Unconditional Return.

From that giveaway they granted me store credits, as a way to say thank you. Although the stores credits that I have was not enough to buy the clothes that I have in my wishlist. Good thing I was able to stumble upon their Pin-To-Earn campaign where you can help promote AHAIshopping’s items by pinning them onto a dedicated board on your  Pinterest account.

Here are the Pinterest boards that I created especially for AHAIshopping and are categorized into dresses and tops.

I tirelessly pinned items from AHAIshopping.com; I totally enjoyed pinning and was extremely addicted to Pinterest (over-exaggerating). Unfortunately, this campaign is about to stop, as per the email I received from AHAIshopping. Because of this campaign, I was able to collect enough store credits to buy the dress that I want and add a blouse in that purchase as well. Here are the items that I bought from AHAIshopping:

As usual, I received it through postal mail and got it around 2-3 weeks after completing my order. Each item was individually packed in plastic bag and complete with tags and labels.

Double Collar Sleeve Lining
photo c/o: Ahaishopping

I love the detail on the collar of this blouse, it is so unique! The cloth was kinda sheer but thick enough for me not to wear a camisole underneath it anymore. The materials used were lightweight and very comfy. I really like this top because of its versatility; I can wear it at work and pair it with dress pants or on casual days with jeans, skirt or shorts.

As for the quality of this top, I have no problems at all. No stains and holes. I even like that it says ASOS on its label. The only thing that I can say bad, well not that bad really, is that I hope that they used the same gold buttons that they used on the sleeves for all the other buttons. But all in all this top is adorable!

Seller's Photo:


Long Sleeve Chiffon Dress

I've been eyeing this dress for a couple of months now, since I want to use it as a swimsuit cover up, just like what I saw online:

I love this dress because it looks really posh and very resort wear-ish. I’m not the sporty type when it comes to beach wear, I don’t really like wearing board shorts or rash guards. I like to look very feminine and chic even if I’m at the beach hence my love for high waist swimsuits and pretty beach cover ups.

The dress looked exactly like the photo on AHAIshopping’s site. The material used is chiffon which makes it very flowy and lightweight. I also adore the color combination and the tie-dye print of the fabric.

This can also be used to layer your clothing items like what blogger, FashionEggPlant did:

photo c/o fashioneggplant.com

My concerns with this dress are: 1) the length was quite long, but is easy to alter to the length that suits my height (which I already did) and 2) the somehow not so good quality of how the dress was cut and sewn.

The dress is multi-colored, and I’m somehow not raving that black thread was used to sew it.

The right front top panel of the dress was kinda drooping too. It didn't lay flat on my upper chest. I tried fixing it by cutting  (and sewing) a little part of the panel near where the button loops, but that didn't help much.

I will have to unstitch a lot of the parts of the dress, cut and sew it back again. And that will be very tedious. So I’m letting it go and just leave the dress as is. Actually, it’s not that noticeable but I’m just not comfortable with how it falls or droops. I know this is not AHAIshopping’s fault, but the manufacturer’s. I just hoped that AHAIshopping’s QA would be very meticulous in checking the items that they are selling before they send it out. I don’t know if I’m just being O.C. or what.

Anyway, I still love this dress to the bits and I’m excited to wear it very soon. I’ll try my best to post photos while I’m wearing the blouse and the dress.

Check out these items from AHAIshopping.com here:
BlouseDouble collar sleeve lining
DressLong sleeve chiffon dress

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