February 26, 2014

My New Fave: Smith's Rosebud Salve

I’m not really particular when it comes to lip balms, when someone gives one to me, I use it, no matter what brand it is. It’s a good thing that most of what I use are gifts from friends and/or relatives who came to the Philippines from the US. It’s funny that when my current lip balm is about to run out, someone will give me a new one. But when no replacement is about to arrive, I buy whatever I think is ok from Watson’s or the department store. I’m not good in reviewing beauty products or make-ups but it is worth spending my time to write a post for my now-favorite lip balm of all time, Smith’s Rosebud Salve!

The Rosebud Perfume Company, Inc. was founded by George F. Smith in 1895. The business began in a small drugstore across the street from what is now the Rosebud Building. The Rosebud Perfume Company, Inc. distributes its salves and lip balms throughout the world and is enjoyed by celebrities, athletes, homemakers, and health care providers alike.

One of The Rosebud Perfume Company’s products is Smith's Rosebud Salve. Many claim that it is a miracle in a can! The world famous Rosebud Salve has been a family favorite since 1892. Celebrities love the consistency and emollient texture of this #1 selling lip balm and all purpose salve for chapped lips, dry skin, and minor burns.  It can be used as an all purpose skin preparation that may relieve chapped lips and skin, diaper rash, blemishes, detergent burns, rough cuticles and may soften rough hands. Smith's Rosebud Salve is made in Maryland, USA and is a trade secret blend of essential oils, cottonseed oil in a special petrolatum base.

Mine was a gift from my very good friend Nikki (and a fellow blogger, btw, visit her blog here: http://thepinaychinadoll.blogspot.com/). She gave me this last April 2013 as a “pasalubong” when she came to Manila for a vacation (and for our wedding) from the U.S. I was asking her to buy me EOS but she said she’ll buy me Rosebud Salve instead because she’s been using it for a while and loves how great it works, especially during the Winter season. She bought mine from Sephora.

At first I thought it was just like any other lip balm, but was surprised on how it effectively softens and moisturizes my lips. I also only apply it just several times a day because it lasts longer than the other lip balms I've been using. I also use it, sometimes, over dry patches on my face to moisturize and help in its healing. I haven’t tried using it as a face moisturizer or apply it to my nails or substitute it in place of my hand lotion, but I might try it one of these days. My husband used it when he had winburn on his lips and it efficiently helped in healing; his windburned lips were back to normal after a day or two.

Some find it greasy, I think it’s just ok. Maybe because I used to apply petroleum jelly to my lips as a lip balm and got used to its oily/waxy consistency and Rosebud Salve is way way less oily and waxy than petroleum jelly. I also like the its a subtle hint, which smells like roses. And it's very sheer and transparent as well so you can apply aby lip color over it.

As of writing this blog post, it has been almost a year since I started using Smith's Rosebud Salve and my pot is still half full. I only take a little every time I apply them on my lips, and little really goes a long way with Rosebud Salve.

I also find its packaging really nice since the 22g tin can  has a vintage feel to it. It is also very handy with its 2 inch diameter size, you can stash it in your purse or pocket and you can bring it anywhere.

This is by far, the best lip balm I've used. And I'll continue using it until it runs out. Good thing it is now available in the Philippines. Rosebud Salve is priced at Philippine Peso 420, it's almost twice the price of how much they sell it in Sephora (but shipping to the Philippines )but that's not so bad for a lip balm that will last you for months and with all its benefits and effectiveness.

You can get Rosebud Perfume Company products in the stores listed below or you can check out their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/rosebudph and website: www.rosebudsalve.com.ph.

Retail Shops:
-PCX Powerplant Mall
-PCX Greenbelt
-PCX Alabang Town Center
-PCX Festival Supermall Alabang
-PCX Robinson's Place Manila
-Margot's Boutique, Shoppesville Shopping Center, Greenhills, San

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  1. Hi Jen,

    I would like to ask for recommendations of what's the best rosebud salve lip balm flavor I would use since I have dark and chapped lips?


    1. Hi dear, I've only tried this variant and so far I love how it helps my chapped lips. As for your concern about dark lips I am not sure if it does something to lessen pigmentations. Thanks for visiting my blog :-)

  2. I've seen so many positive feedbacks at Smith's Rosebud Salve. I really like it because of the taste and the texture is not saggy. I ordered one earlier at goods.ph (https://www.goods.ph/smiths-rosebud-salve-8oz-3957.html), because my classmate told me that it can also heal your chapped lips without even knowing it.


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