August 23, 2014

Earn your first $5 Just By Registering as a SheInside Publisher Program Member

Hi all, did you notice the title for this blog post? I bet you don’t believe it but it’s actually true! If you have a blog (even if you’re just starting) and it doesn't have to be a completely fashion blog, I am inviting you to join as a SheInside Publisher Program member and you will earn your first $5 with no questions asked, you just need to follow a few quick steps to be able to get your first earning as a blogger.

SheInside Publisher Program is a venue for bloggers to promote SheInside products regularly on their own blog sites and to their readers. You might say, “But I am not a Fashion Blogger”, well so am I dear readers. If you have noticed my blog entries are a mix of everything under the sun, but that didn’t hinder me from joining this program, earning and buying the clothes that I love from SheInside.

If you have a blog, may it be on Blogger, Wordpress or Tumblr, or you plan on starting a blog and you also want to get trendy clothing items and earn while you're pursuing a hobby, I’m encouraging you to join the SheInside Publisher Program. 

What are the perks of being a SheInside Publisher Program member?

- You get to earn a very competitive commission and gain additional $$$ when you blog about and promote in your social media the latest promotions and sales from SheInside

- You really get paid! SheInside has never failed in paying me from what I earned for promoting them and it happens every 20th of the month straight to my Paypal account, and mind you they pay  on time! :-)

- You get too buy the clothes that you want from SheInside from your earnings! Like I do! You can see and read about my SheInside purchases using my earnings from being a Publisher Program member in these blog posts: 

Now, if those are not reason enough to be a SheInside promoter, then I don't know what is! Registering is super easy! Register here: Be a Sheinside Publisher Program Member 

So, how do you earn your first $5? Here are the simple steps to follow:

1) You need to apply to join and please put your complete information. In the “Social Platform option”, you should fill in the complete URL of your social networks

2) You need to share one SheInside Promotion and atleast 3 products on your social networks (preferably on your blog). You may also make a blog post about your SheInside Wishlist if you want to. 

-You can see the latest promotion by clicking in on the "Promotion Tab":

-Just don't forget to link the product photos and include your affiliate ID in the links. Affiliate ID usually starts with ?aff_id=yourAffiliateNumber

-Here are some examples: 

3) Log in your  SheInside Publisher Program account and submit the link in "PP- $ 5 for the new members” in the “Submit Links” tab. You will get $ 5 commissions on your their account as soon as you submit the link. And you don't have to worry because for this submitted link, SheInside will not yet count the clicks and orders generated from your site. 

Not so hard right?  So what are you waiting for be a member now of the elite group of bloggers/promoter  for the Sheinside Publisher Program.

Register Here:

>> Be a Sheinside Publisher Program Member <<

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