August 27, 2014

Vintage Dressing by Rosegal + Coupon Code

Do you agree with me when I say that old has got a new name these days and it’s called Vintage? And dressing up in vintage style doesn’t have to look like costume-y. Including classic pieces and clothes with timeless cuts into one’s wardrobe will definitely help achieve a vintage feel. You can never go wrong if you’re thinking of having a vintage style of fashion. There is also a modern take or interpretation of vintage fashion that won’t make you look like you’ve come out from a history book.

I love anything vintage, shabby-chic or quirky; I believe I have an old soul and if I were to be asked if what era to live in the past, I would probably choose between the Rennaissance, the 1920’s or 1950’s. For me, those times are the most fashionable eras. As much as possible I want to incorporate something vintage-looking and preppy into my wardrobe, and believe I would definitely fit in that style category.

If you’re looking for a shop that will help you achieve that vintage style of fashion, I am happy to tell you that you can and that you don’t need to spend a lot of bucks or to go to an auction to bid for an authentic vintage piece of clothing.  Rosegal is one of those trusted web stores that can give you just what you’re looking for if you’re into chic vintage clothing (like me…) is a fast growing global online fashion store which offers the very best in retro style and unique vintage fashion products as well as the latest style dresses, rings, watches and bags etc. Like you, everyone at loves the stylized elegance of the vintage culture with a passion. Timeless and inspired, each design is infused with culture and history, carried in its own inspirational story. Different cultural backgrounds make the vintage clothing shine with the unique charm of specific era. With thousands of iconic styles and affordable product lines, we are confident you will find your unique fashion product to add to your wardrobe.

Their website even screams retro! What’s also nice about Rosegal is that they offer 30-days money back satisfaction guarantee and free shipping worldwide. So dressing up in vintage or retro style fashion won’t make you break your bank or leave you with an empty pocket, since most of their merchandise have very affordable price tags, ranging from an average of $10-30, which I think are good prices for budget-savvy-yet-stylish girls like us.

With that being said, I would like to play stylist (although I’m no way claiming that I am a professional stylist ok?) and suggest outfits from Rosegal that vintage-lovers like me would definitely drool over. By the way,  these items are also my Rosegal Wishlist items that I plan to purchase too, well, in the near future.

Anything with lace, crochet and frills details I think can add a vintage flair to any clothing piece, just like the ones below:

I just love the cut of dresses from the 1950’s, especially the skirt part, wherein the waist is quite narrow and then the skirt opens up into a billowy cut until the middle of the legs, very Pin-Up girl and Stepford Wives!

There’s so many items that are worthy to include here, but I’ll just let you guys browse through the collections instead by going to the website: and while you're there do also check out their Printed Dresses line or you can click this link to go straight to the collection: 

And here’s a treat for you girls as well, if you happen to like any of the items from, here’s a coupon code:  joeyCgil, use this to get an 8% discount on your purchases without minimum order value.

Hope you like it! Until next time!

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