August 15, 2014

Laser Cut Outs

Sometime last month, I checked all the online stores that my blog is affiliated with to check if I still have any store credits/coupons left unused and I was kinda excited to learn that I still have some left in my  Jollychic account and I was just in time to check it because it was about to expire.

Jollychic is one of the online stores that I really like because of the high quality of the items that they sell and how their shipping is. You want to see proof? You can scroll down to see or read my first haul from Jollychic here: JOLLYCHIC.COM HAUL + REVIEW , to be convinced that I was really satisfied from what I got from them the first time.

So after learning that I still have some coupons/store credits available from Jollychic , I checked out what I can purchase from their dress collections. I only checked the dresses because I’m pretty sure they have tons of beautiful items to offer, I know how good the quality is and I am slowly building a wardrobe with lots of dresses because the last time I went through my closet, I don’t have that much wearable dresses anymore.

This black dress easily caught my eye, I love everything about this dress!

The Details:  The laser cutout design on the hem and on the edge of the sleeves is super nice and really gives this simple black dress a punch both figuratively and literally! This is the major selling point of this for me. The sheer cloth on the neck part also gave plus points as a basis to consider on purchasing this dress because it is one of the current trends in apparel this season. Also the back part of this dress is nothing like I’ve seen before. It may not please all but I really find it unique and I love things that are unique!

The Shape and the Cut: The cut of the dress is called shift which was popular back in 60s and 70s. I don’t know but you but I find elegance in shift dresses. Shift dresses are more loose and doesn’t accentuate one’s curves but what it gives is a whole lot of clean looking lines and chic simplicity. The shift dress is so  timeless that I believe will  never go out of style. And this Hollow Hem Slim Fit O-Neck Short Sleeve Dress  dress is exactly like that.

always comes in this neat packaging
Color discoloration is due to light flare while taking
a photo using my phone's camera

The Color: One can never go wrong with a Little Black Dress and this is one unique LBD that I think you can wear it as is for casual days or accessorize it with statement pieces if you’re veering towards a rather more formal or high-end look.

The Material: The dress is made of chiffon, a type of fabric that I’m thankful that was invented. It’s lightweight, it’s comfy and air flows through it easily. I can live with a wardrobe with items entirely made of chiffon! Lol! Well  that’s almost the case now, because I’ve gone chiffon crazy over the past year and bought a lot of clothing pieces made of this fabric.

There’s nothing to love about this dress and not to forget that it’s just so easy to wear. It’s super versatile that  I think any shoes will also look good on this. What do you think?

I also have to mention how fast this order arrived at my door step. Jollychic stayed true to how long the shipping time would take and I didn’t have to go through the pains of going to our local post office and the customs people scrutinizing my package. Here’s a screenshot of the delivery timeline as an attestation to what I’ve wonderfully experienced with Jollychic’s fast shipping.

Love these dress too? Get it here:

I’m happy that the second time I bought an item from Jollychic they didn’t fail me. Looking forward to more purchases and beautiful clothing items in the future.

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  1. Love these cut outs! Such a cute and stylish detail! The dress looks lovely on you! :)

    1. I agree the cut out details is pretty awesome! Thanks for the nice words Ina :-)


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