September 11, 2014

Be Your Own Prom Queen with SheInside

For most people in the northern hemisphere, September doesn’t only signal the coming holiday season but also the start of the school year. And most school girls even at the start of the school year already look forward to the upcoming prom and homecoming events. As early as now, I bet they’re already planning their outfits for those two major events at school.

Prom and Homecoming doesn’t always mean a super formal event, especially nowadays that people are becoming more and more creative with the theme of their events, think about Garden Party, Great Gatsby, Shabby Chic, All Pastel themed-events, they’re becoming more the norm now than boring traditional prom and homecoming parties. So your prom and homecoming outfits need not be boring as well. Well, if I am to attend any of those parties, I would rather be in something that represents my style well and where I am comfortable. Nothing beats a genuine confidence because you’re comfortable, relaxed and able to have fun at the same time with what you’re wearing than being in super uncomfy old-school gown.

You would also want to look current and in with the trend, and make a statement that you’re a almost a woman but not quite yet (that’s kinda confusing, I know lol!). And how can you do that? Try wearing bodycon dresses that shows off your womanly curves but in a flattering rather than slutty (for the lack of better term) way. V-neck dresses also gives you that enough of skin to show but not too much. These two tyoe of dresses doesn’t only flatters a woman’s body they both also elongates your silhouette making you look taller and slimmer, especially if you’ll pair these dresses with high heels!

If you’re already planning for your prom or homecoming outfits and want to do it the non-traditional way, here are my suggestions which are actually my top picks from the collection of bodycon and V-neck dresses from SheInside:

 Blue and Nude Sheer Long Sleeve Crochet Flower Lace Dress

 Black Long Sleeve Front Split V Neck Maxi Dress

 Black V Neck Backless Lace Bodycon Dress

 Blue Sleeveless Lace Ruffle Bodycon Dress

Btw, these dresses are on BIG SALE, not only that you already have an outfit for your upcoming prom/homecoming, you are able to save by shopping as early as now (you know how prices can hike up when it’s already prom season) and most of all they will absolutely make you stunning! So even if you didn’t bring home the crown, for sure in everyone’s mind at the party, YOU were, definitely their prom or homecoming queen!

Hurry up to start your new purchase on Sheinside!!!

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  1. Love their dresses so elegant and flattering <3

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  2. Very lovely dress! I like Red Halter Sleeveless Pleated Chiffon Dress.

  3. All the dresses are gorgeous, I love them !!!! Ps: I never been to a prom :(

  4. OMG! So beautiful dresses! They are all stunning and elegant! <3 <3 <3

  5. wow i love the Red Halter Sleeveless Pleated Chiffon Dress so sexy and fab :D


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