September 27, 2014

It's Starting To Feel A Lot Like Christmas!

It's 88 days until Christmas! Hahahaha! I know it's too early to be all giddy and excited for the upcoming holidays, but what can I say, I am Pinoy And the holidays here in the Philippines starts as early as the the months start to end in "ber"! Anyone here as excited as I am?

What I love about the holidays are the gatherings here and there, especially where we get to catch  up with families and friends some of whom we don't get to see that often because of our super busy schedules. If you're like me and you have a number of set of friends and a huge set of family/relatives, I bet that most of the weekends in that 88 days before Christmas, you will have to attend a get-together left and right. Not to forget that you do need to give gifts as well, since it is what the holidays is all about: giving.

Well, I'm kinda getting a bit ahead of myself here and I have lots of time in my hand to sit in front of my computer, (since the hubby is on a business trip and I have all the me time in the world) I thought of doing an online window shopping. For what, you say? Well... for outfits! Lol! Knowing the fact that I'll be present in alot of pre-Holiday lunches or dinners, let's not forget the yearly company party and family reunions, and a lot of photos will be taken, I don't want to be seen wearing the same outfits over and over again making me look like I attended tad too many parties in just a day.

After a few minutes of browsing and searching, I ended browsing through MANGO's  website and checking out their Autumn/Winter Collection. MANGO is one of my favorite clothing and accessories brands, and that is since I started college which is already a great couple of years back and up until now there's never a trip to the mall that I don't visit MANGO to check out their latest products. I love how MANGO kept their clothes classic-looking and comfy; they once in awhile get into the current trends but still keeping the style for the young & urban woman that they have been known for since 1984 (which happens to be my birth year too, lol!)

So after an hour of browsing through MANGO's items, I found myself adding a lot of items in my wishlist:

These dresses would be great for casual holiday lunches or dinners with friends and families:

Or these tops paired with these bottoms:

And if I feel cold I can always put on these pieces to keep me warm:

For formal holiday gatherings, say the annual company Christmas party, these dresses will definitely make me stand out from the crowd:

And of course an outfit would not be complete without accessories especially bags! I'm a huge fan of the bags from MANGO, there are a lot of brands out there but I don't know why I'm kinda inkling on buying from MANGO than from other brands. Maybe because they're stylish and classy yet doesn't come in such hefty price tags. These bags would also definitely put a smile on your female relatives or friends if they receive these as gifts too!

I bet you can tell that I'm such a huge fan of MANGO by the how many items I can pick from their collection and add to my wishlist (or shopping bag lol!). I just love this brand to the core! And since these items are part of my Christmas wishlist, well, dear friends and love ones, you don't have to stress yourselves on what to get me for Christmas! LOL! 

For some it's too early to do Christmas shopping, but I think prices of commodities are still cheaper at this time, because the closer we are to the holiday season, it's a sure thing prices will hike up. So this is the best time to shop, you know why? Because there are a lot of Sales happening here and there!  

But if you still don't have the luxury of time to visit the mall, be like me! Go shopping online! Saves you time and money (for gas, parking and food) and products get delivered into your doorstep in just a couple of days after purchasing. A local online shop, that I trust, which caters to well known local and international brands  (including MANGO!!!) for kids, men and women is ZALORA Philippines which gives you the great shopping experience without all the hassles I've mention earlier. 

I've tried purchasing from Zalora and I was not disappointed; delivery was on time and the items were in very good condition. Check out this order I made from Zalora PH a few months back: 

Love MANGO like I do? Click here to go and check out the MANGO Sale happening now at ZALORA PH and score great finds and save at the same time! As for me, I'm going back to my browsing the MANGO collection at Zalora and see what else I can add to my wishlist...

Until next time & thanks for dropping by!

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  1. I'm so agree with you! Mango is one of premium fashion brand i love. Zalora helping us a lot and make it easy to shop. Trusted online shop and save. lol

  2. Wow! im loving their A/W collection simple yet so elegant! Me too, MANGO is one of my favorite clothing and accessories brand, i love their shoes and bags!

  3. I love very much this brand, the dresses are beautiful! :-)

  4. A/W collection is so gorgeous, i really like-it! And i love Mango to, thei have wonderfull products! :)

  5. So beautiful selection!
    Great post!

  6. Awwww, super super cool, my dear ^_^

    Happy Tuesday,


  7. Nice collection..Great fashion brand! Thanks for sharing!


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