September 3, 2014

[NEW IN] My Sheinside Pre-Sale Collective Haul #3

And I'm back with my SheInside Pre-Sale Collective Haul, and this is No. 3! If you're constant visitor of my blog, you may pretty well know that of all the online shops that I visit, is my favorite. I am also part of the SheInside Publisher Program and some of the money I earn from being a promoter for SheInside, I use to purchase merchandise from them. And I always love to shop from the SheInside Pre-Sale Collection  because the items here are 40-50% less than it's original prices. Not to mention that most of the designs featured in the Pre-Sale Collection are exclusive SheInside Designs and you probably won't see them in any other online stores! 

If you want to be a SheInside Publisher Program member you can check this link: "Love Sheinside? Then be a Sheinside Publish Program Member" to learn more about it and if you want to know how Pre-Sale works you can check this link too: "Sheinside Pre-Sale up to 50% off!"

So here are my recent  SheInside Pre-Sale Collective Haul

+ Green Sleeveless Backless Sweet Drop Dress +

What sold me this dress, aside from the color which is my favorite, is the backless detail. I bet you would agree that it is such a sexy yet sophisticated and classy back design.

I wore this when I attended a debutant party of my husband's god-daughter last August. What I didn't like though about this dress is the material used, which is chiffon. I was expecting something more rigid and won't easily wrinkle. And since I am not skinny the empire cut detail wasn't so flattering. But all in all, I pretty much love this dress.

The moment I saw this dress featured in SheInside's Pre-Sale collection, I didn't let the chance pass not to have it! The design and details of this top are so unique. This top share the same design just like the other two dresses that I bought from SheInside which you can see here  and  here.

Although they released a top version only in this color and the rest are dress versions already. Unfortunately, I checked this item and it's already sold out, but you can still get the dress versions, and it comes in 3 colors which you can check out here:

 Mint   /  Black   /   Blue

This neon dress is actually not a purchase but was a prize sent over by SheInside  a few months back  for the winning write up I did for an exclusive SheInside Publisher Program activity/contest. I had to choose between 4 dresses and among the four this is my favorite. But when it arrived the bust area was sort of tight plus I don't think my husband would allow me to wear such a super daring dress, so I gave it to my sister. She loved it because this dress is completely her sense of style.

+ Multicolor Criss Cross Back Loose Dress +

I basically got this dress because of the unique back details. Have you noticed that I somehow have a fetish with unique back details. When I received this dress and tried it on, I found that it was too sexy too wear on it's own. But don't be dismayed because it is just my opinion and it may not be applicable to you especially if you are skinny or have a model-type of body; for sure this will look sexy on you. But for me, it'll be one of my inspiration to loose weight and I would probably use this as a swimsuit cover up too or put over a blazer, jacket or cardigan to look less revealing.

If you happen to love these dresses too, below are the links to them an don't forget to always check the items from the SheInside Pre-Sale Collection which is updated every Tuesday and Thursdays.

And you can also check out my other SheIn Collective Hauls by clicking the links below:

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