February 7, 2015

Current Obsession: Lace Up Heels

I’ve been such a lazy girl for years now and what I mean is that I rarely, I mean very rarely, that I wear heels to work or when going out and about. I think I’ve put too much emphasis on being old and that comfort has been more important to me than style. Back when I was in college I would wear heels with my school uniform and every time I go out you would also always find me in heels. This was to compensate for my petite height and the thought of being fashionable always. 

I still wear high heels and I still own a couple of pairs, but as time goes by and as I grew older, I’ve seen myself going to the flats section of the department store rather  than the high-heels section. I would also choose wedges over high-heels nowadays. I am a klutz too and I often trip when I wear high heels and somehow I have also lost my self confidence lately that I didn’t feel like wearing heels anymore even though they are literally one of my confidence boosters.

But suddenly I have been encouraged to dress up more often and thinking of wearing high-heels again instead of my boring flat shoes. I still need more convincing though; I might need to bring foldable flats that I’ll have in my bag ready just in case my feet bleed after hours of wearing heels.

My love affair with high-heeled shoes was reignited when I saw these pretty by Giuseppe Zanotti Lace-Up Scalloped Sandals on Instagram being worn by fashion forward girls around the world. It is one of those instances that I fell love at first sight with a style of shoes. I wasn’t so much into these lace-up or cage shoes because I thought they would make me look smaller than I already am. But I've seen petite fashionistas wearing them and they carry them well with height flattering outfits.
Giuseppe Zanotti Lace-Up Scalloped Sandals

Cheap counterparts/Giuseppe Zanotti Lace-Up Scalloped Sandals-inspired: 



These lace-up heel sandals are like jewelry to the feet. Just like other accessories, they literally enhance an already glamorous ensemble or give a boost to a casual OOTD. There are many styles that were released but one thing is for sure, wearing these lace-up heels with anything you’re wearing will give that outfit an instant boost of sophistication and style. 


I was pretty excited about these lace up heels and found myself searching all the boundaries of the internet to look for a pair that's within my budget. I told my self I need me to get one of those, even just one pair. Most of them were already sold out or too pricey, especially the designer ones. But if you're a resourceful person you will be able to find one that is within budget. I found mine in Amazon.com and I can't wait to get my hands (or feet) on them!


What are your thoughts on these lace up heels? Do you like them too? Feel free to post a comment below. Until next time loves!
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