February 26, 2015

Soft Sexy Classic Nights in Silk

I have always been a Blair Waldorf fan, the Queen B in one of the most popular and watched TV shows of this generation - Gossip Girl. I love everything about her sans her not so favorable attitude. I love her style and her affiliations with Paris, the Victorian Era and anything that is vintage or old world. I love her dresser and the painting of Marie Antoinette behind it. I love that she sleeps and do her make up and hair-dos still in her luxurious night robes and sleep wear. 

I really wanted to have my own dresser, I really don't care if it's as luxurious as Blair's but I am dreaming of one. I daydream of doing my make up and hair while donning a silk robe and chemise and getting ready for a date night feeling beautiful even before starting to put on make up or a fancy dress. 
I wonder how it would feel like wearing something so soft and comfy like a silk night gown. I have browsed online for some sexy and upscale sleep wear but never had the chance to buy one for myself. You know, owning one pair of luxurious piece of clothing item once in your lifetime wouldn't hurt, right?

I always blog about silk items every now and then, and you know the power of visual thoughts... hehehe.. who knows one day I will be featuring and reviewing one silk item that has been in my wishlist for some time now. If in case you want to reward yourself with something that is close to royalty and extreme luxury, check out Casasilk.com.
Besides silk scarves, silk beddings, silk camisoles, silk undergarments etc., Casasilk.com also has a line of Silk Nightgowns For Women

Casasilk.com's silk night gowns are made from 100% silk that ensures 100% comfort and great quality.  Silk is a natural fabric prized for its luxurious texture but the comfort benefits go way beyond that. Silk is naturally temperature regulating also. Casa Silk’s Nightgowns For Women come in elegant designs, variety of styles and patterns, come in a lot of colors and prints that can express one’s individuality and personality. I know that apparels made of silk can be more costly, but investing in quality products would give you better value than buying low quality products that gets worn out easily which will leave you buying twice or more.
Discover the perfect getting ready robes for women and choose from Casa Silk's romantic collection of silk robes by checking out this link: http://www.casasilk.com/Deluxe/Silk-Robes-103987/

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