February 13, 2015

Hit the Sack in Silk

I miss having a good night sleep; I haven’t had the chance to sleep like a baby for the longest time. My usual sleep is around 3-4 hours daily, half of what is required and recommended. There are times that if I get lucky enough, I am able to sleep 6 hours in a day, yet, that still is far from the ideal amount of hours a person should rest or sleep in a day. I don’t know if it’s my sleeping condition, or how relax I am before going to sleep, or if it’s because there’s too much going on in my mind or I have too much on my plate as of the moment.  But then, it is most likely that my body clock is too messed up that it’s having a hard time to distinguish if it’s day or night and if I am supposed to sleep or not.

But I do look forward to that day when I won’t have to work at night and force my body to sleep during the day. I daydream of that day when I don’t have to use black-out curtains to shun the light and make my brain believe that it’s already night time. 

I’m picturing myself in a room in total darkness, my weary body after a hard day’s work against soft linens, comfy mattress surrounded in lots of lots of soft and fluffy pillows and decked in an equally comfortable sleep wear. Then I would sleep sound like a baby and be woken up the next morning with the sound of birds chirping and morning sunshine peeking through the windows. I hope that day will soon come; I am already excited even with just the thought of it.
Speaking of sleep wear, if you ask me, I don’t have any decent pair except for my PJ bottoms which I pair with any tank top or t-shirt that I can pull out from the cabinet. I have found myself looking or browsing online for proper sleep wear, probably because I have been longing to own at least a pair or two. Then I remembered that one of the main stay shops I frequently feature here on my blog, Casasilk.com has a line of Womens Sleepwear Sets that are not only luxurious but also comfortable.

Casasilk.com's products are made from 100% silk that ensures 100% comfort and great quality.  Silk is a natural fabric prized for its luxurious texture but the comfort benefits go way beyond that. Silk is naturally temperature regulating also.  I know that apparels made of silk can be more costly, but investing in quality products would give you better value than buying low quality products that gets worn out easily which will leave you buying twice or more. Casa Silk have a lot to offer starting from silk beddings, to men’s silk apparel, to women’s silk garments and that even includes  Womens Thongs.

Say goodnight in the perfect pair of Womens Sleepwear Sets for sultry sleeping by checking out Casa Silk here: http://www.casasilk.com/Deluxe/Silk-Womens-c1-103980/
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