October 20, 2017

Party-Ready Attires from Zaful

Ahhh the holidays... are you guys feeling festive mood already? I have mixed emotions about the holidays; it's my favorite time - the last quarter of the year. For one, my birthday is in November, I'll be another year older but definitely wiser. 

Another things is that I love celebrating Christmas and New Years. It's one of the rare times that I get to reunite with friends and families, enjoy a good lunch or dinner and a lot of catching up. What I don't like about the holiday season is how stressful it can be. Traffic is worse and  malls and establishments are packed. 

 dress 1dress 2 

Starting this weekend my schedule will get crazier and busy by the minute. Right now, I'm on my way to some escape somewhere northeast of the country, a few weeks more I'll be attending my best friend's wedding, a week after that it's our department holiday party, then I'm off to the southeast of Luzon with my officemates. By the time it's December I'll be out of the country, then there's the company year end party, the team Christmas gathering, Christmas and New Year's. Tad too many trips,  events and parties to attend to. I ain't complaining though, I love going on trips and being around people. 

dress 3 / dress 4

With the craziness brought about by the holiday season, I make sure I manage my time  effectively as on weekdays I have a day job to attend to and as much as I want to go to the malls shopping for holiday outfits and gifts, I'd rather choose rest and sleep over spending time walking around malls. 

dress 5 / dress 6

This is were online shopping becomes our savior. You can do it on the go, it's convenient and doesn't take much of our time. I don't know about you but I can multi task; I can do one chore while I do some online shopping on my phone or PC. One thing that I usually buy online are clothes/outfits. I've recently purchased a couple of them for my upcoming events. I hope they arrive in time though. 

dress 7 / dress  8

I still have a lot of OOTD shopping to do and the pieces featured on this post are what I am eyeing from one of my favorite online store www.zaful.com. Which ones you guys think I should get?

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