October 1, 2017

I Have Found The One! The New Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation

I am on a quest, a quest to find the best foundation that suits my skin colour and skin type. For me it's foundation day every day, I might get snarly looks and comments about me wearing foundation everyday (well except on weekends and that I don't have be anywhere but home). This has been the case ever since I started working in the corporate world. Using foundation everyday for some people might be too much, some say that I should wear BB cream or tinted moisturizers if I'm putting make up on a daily basis. But those don't give me the coverage and look that I want to achieve before I step out of the house.

I rarely do make up reviews or beauty products, but I found something that needs to be raved about and I just had to do it. Also, I don't consider myself as a pro when it comes to make-up. I'm on the intermediate level; I still don’t know a lot of things, I still make boo-boos, my eyebrows are not always on fleek, and I still need to learn a lot about makeup application. This is a long forgotten review tbh, I did photograph the products a month ago and only now that I had the opportunity to create a write-up. So today I'm writing down my two-cents about the New Maybelline FitMe! Poreless Foundation. 

This has been available in the market for some time now, but only two to three months ago that it was released in the Philippine market. The New Maybelline FitMe! Poreless Foundation is a lightweight foundation that mattifies and refines pores and leaves a natural, seamless finish. Ideal for normal to oily skin, this exclusive matte foundation formula features micro-powders to control shine and blur pores. This is dermatologist tested, allergy tested and non-comedogenic. Normal or oily skin gets evened out and perfected with Fit Me Matte + Poreless foundation. Want the perfect foundation fit? It's all about matching skin tone and texture. 

I have tried a lot of foundations ever since I started wearing them. I have had my fair share of hits and miss with all the foundations I've tried especially with ones that closely matches my skin tone, I am not fair and not dark skinned either. So far what fit me is the Supracolor foundation from Crayolan. The problem with this brand is that most of the time the shades that I mix to achieve my shade are always out of stock as these shades are the best shades for Filipina skin and I'm in between the two. Plus the Supracolor come in small pots of refills and costs almost PHP 400. Thus for economic value of using foundation every day, they are quite expensive. It gives me medium to full coverage which isn't ideal for daily work use. Since I bought my Maybelline FitMe Poreless Foundation, I've only been reserving my Cryolan Supracolor for special occasions. 

After watching reliable YouTube beauty vloggers review the Maybelline FitMe Poreless Foundation, I decided I should give it a try as I was not happy with the current one that I was using: L’Oréal’s Infallible. It was "difficult" to apply because it was very thick, mattifies too fast and cakes so easily on me and it doesn’t last that long as well. I got my Maybelline FitMe Poreless Foundation at its introductory price of PHP 299 per bottle.  I visited a counter at a department store and the sales lady helped me out to choose which shade fits me. They offer this in 10 shades from fair to morena (Malay) skin which I think is so great, plus a lot of the shades come in yellow undertone that suits most Asian women. 

I tried shade 128 and 220 on my jaw to check which one I should pick as these two shades are the closest to my skin tone that have yellow undertones. The 128 is a little bit lighter on my skin while the 220 is a little bit darker. I thought if I mix the two I might achieve the perfect shade. So I did just that and voila the mixed shade was looked like second skin on me. And since it was on sale, I bought the two shades. At times when I don't have time combining the two I use whichever I grab first and so far when I set both with the  loose powder that I usually use, both shades somehow sets into a shade that matches my skin colour.

Another thing that I like about this foundation is that it doesn't oxidize that much on my acidic skin. I live how runny the consistency of the foundation is, it makes it easier to apply and blend, unlike foundations that are more solid. It dries in a reasonable amount of time leaving a smooth and dewy finish which I like a lot, not ultra-matte and flat. I also have to say that I don't break-out like crazy with this foundation (just like with Cryolan) except for the usual ones that I get due to some hormonal imbalance. 

For the coverage, it gives light to medium coverage and has buildable pigmentation without getting cakey and flaky. You might need an additional help with a concealer to hide acne scars and other hyperpigmentations like what I do when I feel like wearing a flawless face make up. But on most days, I stop at two applications/layers and just bake my loose powder over it while I put on my clothes for work. As for me I like using my fingers or my flat top foundation brush when I apply it. And another thing that I like about it is that even if you don’t apply primer (I put moisturizer before application of the foundation) it glides smoothly still. 

As for my case, the staying power lasts for around 4 hours, the most. After that and when my skin oils up, the makeup fades a bit, becomes a little patchy and my acne scars start to show. I think this lasts for that short period of time for me as I don’t use any primer or finishing spray every day.   But when I do use a primer and finishing spray, it can lasts for a good 8 hours without the foundation loosing too much of good coverage. You may want to retouch once in a while to make it stay longer than usual. What I do is that I dab some on the discolorations and set it again with loose powder. But even then, if I sweat or my skin gets oily throughout the day, it still looks good and just requires some retouching.

Although this is an affordable drug store foundation, I like that the packaging looks elegant in a glass square bottle with a black screw cap and not a plastic container. The downside is that it doesn't have a pump so be careful when pouring the product out as you may pour more than what you just need. As for me, I use a spatula to scoop the liquid out from the bottle. Be careful too not to drop it because the bottle is a bit heavy than usual and it may break or you might spill the product as the foundation is liquidy or runny in form. 

I think and believe that I finally found a foundation that fits my skin tone, affordable, that I can use every day and gives me the coverage that I need. Have you guys tried Maybelline FitMe Poreless Foundation? What do you think about it? Share them with me and comment away.

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